Other Games OOC

While I do have my fav games and play them a LOT I am willing to try other things and have played a lot of games (some until they died).

Hellgate:London. I loved that game and it was a great stress reliever at the end of a long day of teaching. I actually bought a lifetime membership to it . . . . then it died. Remember correlation is not causation. But that one hurt as it was the first game that I blogged about. I loved the trailer and the setting and the feel of the guns and blades.

Fortnite. Believe it or not I played that ‘before it was cool’ Did okay but then the hordes arrived and I just kind of drifted away. I had the same issue with it that I do with WoW . . . it just feels a bit too cartoony for my aesthetic. I am not saying either is bad, just they do not capture me.

Division and Destiny. Guns lots of guns and targets that seem to think that they are bullet sponges. I mean how the hell can a Garbage man take 5 shots from a sniper rifle to put down?

City of Heroes. Another one that I bought a lifetime sub for. (sigh) Face it half of that game and other superhero ones is the making of your own style and hero. I have made some doozies over the years.

No Mans Sky. I often have binges of that and then drift off and forget everything that I learned. Gorgeous game but no hook that snags and captures me.

Secret World. This one was my replacement for Hellgate and it has gone through a few incarnations and ‘updates’ so I am not competent, anymore. Love the stories and puzzles and atmosphere of some of the set pieces.

All of these are games played with ‘other people’ although NMS was fairly low people per world. If you want to know the solo player games . . .

Skyrim Still kind of the gold standard of open world games and Portal is the one for set piece games (especially tutorials) In CSM 8 this was brought to the devs as the definitive example of how good a new player experience COULD be By myself and Ripard Teg.

portal in skyrim image

Hey, a guy can dream right?

So many games have come and gone. This past week CCP finally stepped away from VR games like Valkyrie and Sparc. I have played Warzone both in 2d and with a VR headset, Sparc I never had a chance to try.

I am fairly sure that nobody has played all the games out there and I am happy with what I have tried and failed at or played until it ended. Our family has a saying that ‘trying new recipes is good but accept that you will not like all of them’. Nor do you have to.

fly it like you won it


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