Slippery Slopes

“and so we had to restock all the ammo, again, after that fiasco.

Hope that all the family are doing better than expected, we spent a bit of time on our last tour in some of the seedier systems (they call them freeholds) I don’t quite understand but it always seems that when given too much freedom (or power) people always drift towards the shitty end of the spectrum. But if you try to set boundaries they start right in on you for infringing on their god given rights and how dare you tell them what to do?

Basically it feels like asking them not to be assholes is too big of a request for some of them. Of course the job sent us into one of these freeholds and right off I had to turn off some of the comms to keep from being inundated by verbal attacks questioning my parentage, sexual preferences, right to exist at all. Now I know some folks will say that THAT is the solution, mute and move on. But I think that they might be wrong in that.

See the thing is that if that sort of harassment is considered acceptable then they always try to take it to the next level. Bullies do not have some daily quota that they just need to do then they become nice again. So verbal almost always escalates, eventually. If that does not get the hoped for reaction then it ramps up again. Of course that is why the ship has guns, right? But now the powers that be are trying to stop this sort of stupidity, nip it in the bud, as it were.

And of course there are the folks who seem to enjoy arguing the point of whether this is over-reach or even something that needs to be done at all. I don’t know if they are serious or not but we keep the guns loaded, just the same.

Maybe we have been flying in Gallente space too long but the idea of attacking someone based on who they love? Just plain dumb.

Anyways, love to all the family back home, transfer of funds should be accompanying this message


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3 Responses to Slippery Slopes

  1. Wildwynd says:

    “I don’t quite understand but it always seems that when given too much freedom (or power) people always drift towards the shitty end of the spectrum.” this is one the best things I have ever read, Can I steal that? this is a great post. I really, really enjoyed it. I have always wanted to try EVE online but I could never figure it out. maybe I will download it again and give it another go.

    • mikeazariah says:

      You are welcome to my ideas and thoughts. If I wanted to keep them to myself I wouldn’t be typing them for all to see.


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