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“The problem is” Mike said, “that there is a LOT of places you can get your news from and not all of it agrees. Each has its bias, each has its share of bitter folks who try to convince you that you should never fly ever again or at least not fly with those OTHER assholes.”

The class looked up and nodded. They all had seen at least one of the news media of that slant.

“So what do you do? Some pilots take the simple solution of avoiding ALL the media and just living out their days in New Eden unsullied by the toxic waste of the media. Others find the media that most agrees with them and then form an echo chamber of self confirmation.”

“What do you do?” One asked

“I try to sample all of it and find the truth somewhere in the middle. So let us take a look at a few feeds.”


Reddit r/eve Now here is a VERY active site but the main issue is that there is not a promise that the people active there actually play the game. Some brag that they quit long ago but still actively show up to throw poo like monkeys at the zoo. Memes, propaganda and lordy do they love a scandal.

Eve Online Forums Well, supposedly people here are still connected to flying although I doubt a day goes by that someone does not quit in a huff. (and others ask if they can haz their stuff) You will occasionally find huge running arguments that often devolve into the same core group of pilots repeating their arguments ad naseum.

There are podcasts,Video streams and some of them might cover the news or their own tribes propaganda while others just celebrate the idea is ships in space. In the end it comes down to you to explora and find the media that is right for you is a good place to start. But when you go out to take in the media remember that it is not balanced and there is no outside force even making them tell the truth


“Honestly I wonder if there are Goon pilots out there who have not a clue what has happened over the past week. They fly in their fleets and some of their buddies are still around so business as normal. Boss replaced? That’s nice, I guess. Who we fighting next?” Mike smiled. “Others might even believe Mittens exit speech, it takes all kinds.”

“You do you boos, you find your own sources and or ignore the big picture, wander in the grand forest paying only attention tot he trees near you.”



Few people trust the mainstream media, anymore. It is no wonder if you see how the news is made, chosen, and edited.

Eve is often a microcosm of reality without normal constraints being applied. In this case it is no different. CNN, Fox News, Eve News24, INN . . . .all the same.

Good luck trying to figure out what is going on and what is true and what is bent. But in the wise words of Nosy Gamer In short, friends don’t let friends visit r/eve.

fly it like you won it


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