Human Resources OOC

You know? I did not expect to one day be writing about human resources in an in game organization. It was just not on my radar as a thing. But it is more me ignoring reality than it not being needed. Corp and guild drama has been around for a long time as has the occasional objectionable person within a corp no matter what their particular flavour of ‘objectionable’ is.

Groups sometimes have to make a decision about a problem player. They have play or tactical value but is all the stress worth it? If the group as a whole does not make the decision then often individuals will by voting with their feet. One group I know of in Eve are pirates. They will merrily destroy your ship and take your stuff. But when it comes to other interpersonal issues . . . well I will let their leader put it properly

But when it came to the Imperium it seems they took a more solomenic approach, no complaints if the complainers are also booted from the group along with the accused (and you can let the accused back in later).

Now the Goons say they are going to revamp their procedures and make it better, going forward. But tell me, who joins a game about space to listen to complaints of racism and sexism and other isms too numerous to list? They better be doing something to reimburse that poor soul.

I am talking about a game and yet it feels almost too real to deal with

fly it like you won it


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1 Response to Human Resources OOC

  1. Jerod Trd says:

    *looks up from underneath the machinery he is working on, the capsuleer implants peeking out from the work overalls*

    You know as well as I do that Eve is as close to ‘real’ as a game can get.

    It is why I have not seriously touched it in nearly four years.

    *glances over at the old ship construction spreadsheets, as they called to him, inviting him to return to the old habits*

    Goons have to be dismantled, it means the toxic cesspool will wind up everywhere, but it is the best hope for recovering the people who are not yet fully tainted by the filth of what they are. I don’t know that they will ever be fully trusted, but you and I both know people who have endured their hell-camps, their bullying… their abuse.

    To paraphrase Rylanor: There can be no forgiveness for what they have done. It falls to our hands to end the prodigal sons.

    You and I may have different values, but we both believe there are lines that must never be crossed.

    There is a high price for dancing over that line as often as goons have done…

    *reaches for a cleaning rag, and settles down to begin updating the spreadsheets.*

    I am sure my wife will forgive me for what I am about to do…

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