Aftermath OOC

So Mittens stepped down amidst some really nasty accusations that waved receipts.

Now what?

Well that depends on us, the other players of the game. It can go lots of ways and I thought that I might run through a few of them with you.

  1. He is gone and with him all the sins that were committed. I am not a fan of this one. Letting one person take the fall implies that everything was done was done by him alone, with no accomplices, others knowing, aiding and abetting. Which leads to
  2. Witch hunt. We have tasted blood and now we want the heads of anyone even remotely connected who might have known and said nothing/done nothing. That would of course would lead to
  3. Purge. Goon structure needs to be dismantles, forever referred to a groomfleet and groomerwaffe. The SImperium, same. Anyone who stays with them past the next few days is assumed to be a pedophile, sex pest, and probably smell of elderberries.

wow, that escalated quickly

Angry mobs seldom know when to stop and often feed on their own if they lack a more substantive target.

But Mike . . . what should be done?

Well I had a fun chat with my wife about this (she does not play Eve but she lets me ramble on, now and again) and it made me think on what would be the right path that does not end in fire and pitchforks and  auto-da-fé . She asked if anything could be done from the devs side and I told her ‘probably not’ as that would start to make CCP the purity police for the world. And I doubt they want that job.

But it did get me thinking . . . understand that I am of two minds with this. So I will show you both and let you decide which you side with.

a) Object Lesson. Disband Goons, make it clear that if you associate with asshats you will be considered one of them or to use an older saying ‘lie down with dogs, get up with fleas’. Make the name Goons synonymous with such nasty behaviors to the point nobody wants to be known as one. MAYBE this will convince others not to go down this same road and alliances/Corps to see that if they do not police their people WE WILL. ‘Oh, you’re a goon? ew’

b) Trust but verify. Allow the Goons to do their own internal housekeeping and clean up this mess and make sure they have mechanisms in place to handle it in the future. If they show that they are taking steps to do so, fine. If they are just asking for forgiveness and then say moving on . . . well that is less than satisfactory. The mechanism cannot be ‘one guy’. (How the hell did Nom get stuck with that job, anyways?)

Either way? I do hope that the other corps and alliances are taking notes because I seriously doubt that all the assholes were in goons.

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Aftermath OOC

  1. Jerod Trd says:

    Mittens has stood down before.

    Mittens has ‘apologised’ and ‘repented’ before.

    Leave his creation in ashes. Otherwise… he will be back. He always comes back.

  2. Based on the history of New Eden, I can think of nothing less likely to make Goons disband than to tar us all with the same brush as bad people. Ask people from Sir Molle to Vily how that worked out for them. Nothing gets us all marching in the same direction than New Eden rising up against us.

    So I am curious as to how you think that will play out.

    As for the other option, you’re going to stand in judgement based on what? Leaks on r/eve? Until we hit a similar scenario, I certainly won’t know if we’ve gotten better. Will you?

    Finally, the one odd thing in all of this from my perspective is that the reason this blew up is because many people within Goons expect better from the organization. You are seeing the blow back from an internal struggle within the organization. The leaks are coming from within Goons. But the external assumption, which is admittedly being driven by people who fall into the “Grr Goons” category, is that all Goons are bad and this is somehow being magically revealed. If that were true Mittens would still be running the show because nobody would have leaked because nobody would have cared enough about change to do so.

  3. Winzentowitsch Madeveda says:

    EVE has seen not one but many purges in the last few weeks.
    Wormhole groups decided to finally show AP he stepped way over the line by evicting him.
    Squishys discord and audio recordings were leaked.
    Some more drama was taken out of the freezer.

    I for once hope it happened like this because people were inspired to speak up, not because they were bloodthirsty for the next capsuleer to hang.
    Should you doxx and harass players? No
    Should the witchhunt stop somewhere? Yes
    Is the purge good for the community? I’d say yes

  4. dragonshardz says:

    I left GSF over how Mittani spoke about mcwolf in private. It proved he had not changed since 2012 and the Wizard Hat incident, despite his many claims to have changed – and I believed it. A lot of goons did, and have left GSF – or EVE entirely – as a result of everything that’s happened or been put into new context over the past week.

    A LOT of things that have been brought up were easy to dismiss as hostile attacks by external parties when Mittani was so good at pretending he’d grown up as much as everyone else had.

    Mittani stepped down with an apology full of DARVO and the Narcissist’s Prayer. Fine. Fuck him. May he fade into obscurity and obsolescence. Now, we grant the new leadership of GSF and the Imperium time to show through word and action if this change is authentic, or if it is merely covering up the sucking wound.

    The last I knew, before my auth was purged and my forum account subsequently banned, is that Imperium leadership is crafting an anti-harassment policy that will be enforced by an independent team of people. The final policy hasn’t been published yet, and this new HR/IA team is still being recruited. It’s my hope that other shitbirds within the Imperium will soon find themselves airlocked.

    Time will tell. It’s been only a few days.

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