The sounds of a game can make or break it. Some games we have grown up with and would not have them any other way. The dog laughing at us in Duck Hunt. Mario themes and sounds. All the way back tot he distinctive plonk of a ball hitting the paddle in Pong. Games have sounds to connect you to them to make them more in depth. A Buddy of mine went into the code for Asteroids and replaced the sounds with himself imitating the sounds. So the guns actually went pew pew in his voice.


But modern games . . . MMOs which is what I have been talking about for this month. They have specialists who work to make the auditory experience something special. Composers who write scores for full symphonies . . .

which for me was

I like music, I like sounds. I appreciate the change in tone when I run from boardwalk to sand. The sounds of lasers pulsing out from my ship, the music that rises as combat begins or relaxes as I take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the game.

I like ambient sounds like rain pattering or thunder in the distance (even in Minecraft) Eve has station ambient voices in the distance that always make you strain to hear what the hell they are saying. (Vets of Eve at this point tend to make the joke ‘Eve has sound?’)

Then there are comms and hearing other players talk and laugh and joke. Talking to devs and hearing them work hard to do something that I think is more than just a job. Listening to Podcasts and twitch streams and the passion of the players for the various games that we play.

Sound means something, hell it means a lot. My hearing is fading, slowly, with my age and I have to turn things up more, say what? to family and I miss the acuity that I once had. If your hearing is fine? Use it, enjoy and revel in it. I am envious

fly it like you won it


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