Funny thing about vid games these days is the idea of watching others play rather than doing it yourself. I Guess it makes sense as people will watch basketball, football, etc but the difference (to me) is that I have not the knees or endurance to play a field sport anymore but I can still play video games, so why would I watch others?

Twitch, youtube . . . . I have streamed on both and been shocked when folks actually watched what I do. My Youtube channel is mainly lessons on what and how to play Eve and specific missions that tend to trip people up It is not to garner views and I do not consider myself a streamer as much as someone trying to help others get into a game. See, that is the thing, a lot of the streamers get right into the action of it but they do not “teach” so as an outsider to the game you quite often can be totally lost. BTW this gives me a great idea for making a couple of more videos, new lessons (/me makes a note)

So you browse through games on twitch, for example. If they are running endgame content or higher end stuff then you mainly see a riot of colur and flash (in the case of Elder scrolls online) or complex boxes and a scrolling set of targets (In Eve) and very little to connect you to what is going on. In the case of some games there may even be mods or overlays active that make it even more confusing. Then on top of that you have graphics and cheers and ‘so and so subscribed’ and all the other extras that are part and parcel of being big name streamer . . . but do they connect you to the game?

Thing I did not know . . . some streamers even have agencies to represent them. You know, like talent agencies for actors. And here I am, writing a blog. I feel like a previous generation watching the future whoosh past me, a man in a horse and buggy, looking at cars race by.

No I did not link my stream or youtube channel because that is not what this little article is about.

fly it like you won it


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