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A player in Eve asked me if I could recommend a corp (guild in Eve terms) to them and I had to just send them an article from way back that someone better than I wrote about what to look for in a corp.

Ya see, in Eve joining can be a bit more of a trust issue than in other groups. Oh this is not to say that skullduggery does not happen elsewhere, just a bit less likely. I was in Champions Online and one group I joined had a note right in the announcements of one player who should never be invited. The first thought through my head? “Must be an Eve player branching out” In Eve corp thefts are a thing so you allow people to join . . .carefully. If you are not careful then things can happen . . .

Wayyy back when I started Eve I was in a mining corp. The CEO referred to me as the Cat because I would wander off and come back at regular intervals but I walked my own path, even then. But one new recruit decided to be a bad guy. He shot at the others in the corp, tried to steal some things . .. you know, create havoc.

Thing is? There was not a lot to steal nor was there a lot to shoot. Word got out fast and he left empty handed and kind of pissed that he had even joined such a nickel and dime group. He went to find better targets. I think his telling us that was his biggest mistake. I started to track him . . . every time he joined a corp I sent the CEO a note explaining what this guys history was . . . and he would be on the street in an npc group again, quite quickly. One corp even added some of his alts and I included that in future notes. I ‘chased’ him down the information highway for a few months until he joined a corp that specialized in shenanigans and I sent that CEO a note congratulating him on having a proper new member. I stopped the info war and went back to my own game. I dropped it because being a member of that group would show on his employment record and be a bit of a stain, one way or another.

I do not know if he ever learned that I was doing this and I honestly do not care. It was not so much revenge upon him as it was protecting others from his activities for a bit. I did not stop all safaris (an eve term) but I made one a bit tougher, hung bells on a cat, as it were.

So no, I do not have great advice for people to find a perfect corp because I am not sure that there is one . . . just one right for you.

second story, much shorter. I was in a bar with some buddies long before I was married and we would admire the women in the bar. I was in the middle of the group when a new young lady entered and the guys on either side of me gave their opinion at the same tame. “Wow, what a babe” I heard in my right ear as the guy on the left was saying “Yeeuch!” What we want and like is a personal thing. There is no perfect female, no perfect male, just the ones you like and who like you. I hope you find someone like that.

fly it like you won it


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