Someone dropped me a note this morning in relation to one of the common threads in the Eve forums. Far be it from me to steal an idea and run with it so here we go.

PvP, Player vs Player is a thing in some games. For some it is very isolated and you have to purposely sign up for it. Elder Scrolls and Champions both have duels and Elder sScrolls has Battlegrounds and Cyrodiil. A normal casual player can do dailies and play and decorate to their hearts content and never be hunted by some other player who ‘wants what you got’ Or just to see you blow up.

Then there is Eve

Image ‘stolen’ from Crossingzebras.com

In Eve there are various parts of space with differing rules but if someone wants you dead and you undock? They can try to make that happen. Yes, even in the most hisec systems this can come to pass. You may not be ‘worth’ a kill and may not drop good stuff, some do not care. They kill for the salt . . . to hear you complain about how vastly unfair it all is.

{side note, in the forums we see such mounds of salt but sometimes they ring so fake as for us to think that maybe the salt farmers make a character just to whine about their other characters so someone will notice them. Kind of sad when you think about it}

In Lowsec pirates roam and gangs hunt, there is ‘better stuff’ there but as I advise the rookies . . . you will be a bunny in a forest of wolves. Act accordingly and do not complain if and when the wolves catch you. Heck I take it a step further and send congratulations to people who kill me in the game. There is a slight possibility that I do so to drive the salt farmers mad. Being nice is also a weapon when properly applied. Do not believe me? Go read Taming of the Shrew.

The note I got this morning also linked the vid

and I have to say it is a well thought out vid and well done. Worth your time. No MMOs are not as huge as they would like to be. No, full on hunting of new players is not a great way to keep said players in the game. Eve has only been around since 2003 so somehow it has managed to get past the No’s and find some yes within. It does NOT have a huge (relative to other games) player base but it has a loyal one (I am included in this). I m not a hardcore PvP player but I exist in the world of them because I can and I am proof that you can make your way when the rules and environment is against you. It is just a bigger puzzle.

I hope that whatever game you choose to play challenges you and is not something that you have ‘solved’ already

fly it like you won it


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