Never Mind, We Will Do It Ourselves

There are times when to content presented to you in a game is not quite enough. That is one of the BEST parts of player organizations. A good player guild/corp/team/whatever starts to find things for the group to do that is either applying the group to team content made for larger groups or making things to be done within the parameters of the game.

I mentioned, earlier, that Champions devs do a once a month costume contest but they are not the only ones to do such things. A lot of the larger groups will hold similar events and award prizes from their personal assets. A single person might hold a hide and seek game for new heroes. Within the game there is a lot a person can do to make things for others to enjoy.

In Elder Scrolls Online the guild I am in (Auld Souls) is going to have a housing decorating contest. Many guild have raffles, tours, group runs of content, and other events for their own people or even for non members in hopes of recruiting more to the fold.

See, that is a key thing. Other players are what differentiate an MMO from a single player rpg. They supply support, background and content that the devs could not. Oh, you could play it solo and not interact with others but you are kind of missing the point. (For the record my wife is playing ESO solo . . . and having fun). Just as with Facebook and other ‘social platforms’ we ARE the content as well as the consumers.

And the game is better for it.

Eve . . . wow, the solo play for this game is low but it has lasted SO long because it provided tools for us to do thing, amazing things and awful things and bizarre things. People will draw in space using anchorable items, run races (Rixx Javix ran the Death Races and it was fantastic. ) We have wars to the point of making it into the Guinness book and live meetups just to talk about all that and more. Eve is the closest to a Facebook model of us being that which we consume (does this clown taste funny to you?)

So in that game? become part of it, become a producer as well as consumer. Trust me, it is more fun that way.

fly it like you won it


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