Playing Wrong

In Every MMO there are know-it-alls who will tell you that you are bad at the game, playing it wrong, doing it wrong, should uninstall and go back to wherever you came from. I alluded to the fact, in a previous post, that I tend to drive that sort of person crazy because I often make less than optimal choices for character and play to see if I can and what will happen. They don’t like that.

I have made a choice that is right for me and their opinion is noted and filed but ‘it is my ponytail and I like it’ (Children’s book reference, you get it or you don’t) The thing is, I like stretching the boundaries, now and again, and sometimes I d o it just because I like an extra challenge.

In Eve Online this lead to me gaining a reputation as an honest man. Take a moment to appreciate that. This is a game where scams are allowed and celebrated, backstabbing is expected, and I am known for not doing any of that. I run a charity in the game called Operation Magic School Bus and I fly to career systems and hand out fitted ships to newish pilots. I am active in Eve politics, commonly known for being dominated by null sec organizations but I run (and occasionally get elected) as an independent.

In ESO I do look at the ‘builds’ that others use and write about but I also will decide I like the look of this armor better or that style of play just does not suit me. And off I go, doing it wrong again and having fun. For the record? Yes I have been thrown out of a dungeon group and get some funny looks from others but hey, I am still enjoying the game.

I think that is what it comes down to . . . for some gamers (like myself) it is not about being the best or even good. Just have fun and enjoy the ride.

So, do you play wrong? if so celebrate it

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Playing Wrong

  1. Easy Esky says:

    There was an interesting thread on the forums. Asking what did a Orca pilot gets out of boosting. To me the answer was altruism. Many a time, I have either offered boosting or received the offer, without the hook of; but there is a charge. Accepted or declined; but always polite.

    Mike, are you able to some get some timetable from CCP about the potential changes to Outer Ring mining ships? Are you yourself happy with how they function, fit or skills?

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Any timetable I may or may not have would be up to Eve to release. I have had a few issues with what they are but also some issues with what they may become.

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