So What Do I DO?

In Eve Online this is my 5th term as a CSM and I thought I would take a moment to tell you what that entails. The short answer is ‘get yelled at by players and talk to devs’

Typically Thursday is my most busy CSM day as that is the regularly scheduled hour where we video chat with one or more devs about changes that have happened or changes to come. Not all devs have the same level of trust/connectivity and so out hands on varies, from team to team. This morning was about an hour and a quarter of really good talk with one of the devs followed up by text convos and brainstorming.

Personally I spoke about the impact of the topic at hand on newer pilots as well as participated in the brainstorming of changes WAY down the road. I felt listened to in spite of the fact that I am kind of the ‘odd man out’ on the CSM in regards to my hisec/new player focus. No I cannot get more specific on topics because that is what an NDA precludes me from doing.

On other days of the week there will be convos in various channels, additions to wiki pages that we can comment on, and private chats with specific devs on a variety of subjects. I have kind of a route I take through r/eve, eve forums, and discord (look, discord is the worst way to get in touch with me, that is a very noisy comm system) I read, listen, go in game and do a Bus run while reading eve mail . . . .

and I write. Notes to myself, thank yous to players, comments to devs.

Is that what you expected?


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