Games (part one)

Character sitting above a lake in ESO

So let us talk about games for a bit. Now as I previously said, I am older and do not have the reflexes or patience for the high speed games anymore. I got third in Fortnite before it became a thing and that was because I played sneaky, not fast or accurate. So things like Overwatch, LoL, Apex and all the other variants? Not for this old dog.

I like to admire the view, talk to people, be told a story or make my own.

Heroes gathered in Champions Online

So I tend towards MMOs and other games that allow freedom of choice and less of riding the rails. I talk to people in some games, enjoy the creativity of them in others. Champions Online (above) for example is fun to just see all the names and designs of the characters that players make. Large group events gather us for the common goals and we all pile onto the monster of the hour.

Yeah, I have quite a few characters in that game and each one is a little different. None of them are what you would call ‘maxed out’. But then that is not why I play.

Story, view, people. A long time ago the world realized that Facebook had turned US into a commodity. The app was free because You and your info was all the payment they wanted. Some of the Games that I play? I am fairly sure that I am still part and parcel of the payment scheme. My actions in a game help make the game different, social, alive.

Heck, even this blog is, in a way, feeding the game companies. But I am ok with that.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Games (part one)

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Champions is really one of those under the radar games. There are a lot of them in the mmorpg genre. I played briefly a long time ago but never really got into it although it seemed perfectly fine in its way. In all the discussion about superhero mmos that spiralled out of the end of City of Heroes and the never-ending in-development status of the indie projects that sought to replace it (later to be de-railed by the unexpected return of CoH), Champions only ever seemed to get mentioned in passing and somewhat dismissively, and yet here it still is. I keep thinking I’ll try it again sometime but there are just too many games…

    • mikeazariah says:

      Totally understand the ‘too many games’ I tend to binge one then move on to another rather than try to play a bit of everything’


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