OOC: Who?

A lot of blogging tends to be about the Blogger themselves. I do that now and again but mainly only as a commentary on the games I play. Now, given the title of the Blog it is obvious (to me) that I mainly blog about Eve Online. But I also do play other games, Champions, Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim, Minecraft, board games . . . you know, a gamer.

I am a retired teacher and my health status varies wildly. But that is not the focus of the blog so I do not bore you with gory details and ‘humorous hospital’ episodes (I have had a few)

I Eve I mainly play as Mike Azariah. I have been on the Council of Stellar Management (Elected player groups that has direct lines to the devs of the game) for several terms (8, 9, 10, 15, and now 16 c. . .is that several or many?) I do have alts but I hardly ever play them.

Other games? The exact opposite. I am an altaholic and actually bought a second account for ESO so I could have more characters. I like to try all the things and variations. Same goes for Champions, I have a large roster of alts to suit my mood and or goals of the day.

I play by my own rules within the larger boundaries of the rules of the game. In Eve this means I am an honest guy in a game famous for scams and betrayal. In ESO I try variant character concepts to see what the edges of possible play is.

But the bottom line is always the same, I play to pass the time and have fun. I set my own goals and play and enjoy the games, the scenery, the ambiance. This blog is because I enjoy writing, and talking about the games and my wife is tired of hearing some things (though she is playing ESO with me, now) so I write. Sometimes I write in character because I like to have a greek chorus to play off of and the fictional conversations let me develop an idea or two without seeming to bombastic. Of course for some folks this is off-putting. Ah well.

My wife and kids will tell you that I can and will talk to almost anyone, strangers in stores, nurses or janitorial staff on duty. Sometimes to tell them a story, other times to ask questions and learn more. Then I pass some of that along to you.

Thank you for being out there, oh unknown readers. I do appreciate it.


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