So, who won?

Mike leaned back and scanned the news, sipping his coffee. He followed the war but from a distance and with an academic outlook.

Tanta leaned over to hand him a fresh baked cookie and glanced at the screens. “Dat war ova, yet?”

“It has been for some time, just they kept hoping it would produce more.” Mike said. “Some wars are like that. They Burnt the fields and chased the ‘monster’ into its lair but nobody could go in there after it. So both sides will claim victory, both will lick their wounds and return to their respective corners and life will go on. No, nobody won or yes they all won and we can hand out the participation ribbons.”

Tanta snorted and stirred her tea. “Dese folks, dey no know what war be, then. Iffen it were our folks they would corner the beast then bloody its nose every damn time it sticks its nose outa its cave. If you cannto go inta the cave juss make sure it no be comnin out anytime soon.”

“Yes Tanta.” Mike said, almost as a reflex. “Ting is, dat would take effort, commitment. Dey ain’t up fer someting like that so off they will wander and the beast will come out and grow again. It is they way it always seems ta go.”

“So they won?”

“By their reckoning and self congratulations? Yeah. They will conveniently forget all the losses and the fact that they were driven into a cave and just remember that they got back out. History is sometimes the lies we tell ourselfs, eh?”

“I taught you well, boy. Have another cookie afore they cools.”



Tell me, how will you remember this war or is it even worth remembering?

To a certain extent I liken it to the war against the Taliban. The US may be pulling out and here the Taliban come again, already fighting and retaking territory.

Ah the lazy days of summer are upon us and I and still writing for the blog, day 2 . . .check.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to So, who won?

  1. Seems pretty well appointed for a “cave.”

  2. Clarence says:

    Jesus Christ Mike. This Tanta thing is excruciatingly painful. Please stop it. It’s problematic.

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