OOC: You would Complain if they Hung you With a New Rope

CCP decided to do a different sort of login encouragement. So if you log in over this past week? You got in game currency.

This is not anything new, We all have seen such things in other games. But the CSM warned CCP against this action for a few reasons.

Note: NDA keeps me from direct quotes and very much from saying what CCP says until they say or do it publicly. But the isk is out there so this is, I think, fair game. A lot of our objections was in the optics. It makes CCP look a bit desperate and given the mood of the players these days after the long period of scarcity? It feels like a sop or too little too late.

Then you have the armchair economists weighing in with predictions of how this will effect the in game economy. You all do know that Universities use Eve as a example and lesson IN economics, right? It is an interesting exercise and I do plan on following up to see IF this had any effect on any measurable in the game and if so, what.

The title, above, is something my parents used to say. Basically it was means you complain to much, enjoy the little victories, the gains . . . not the losses. We have the AT to look forward to, a visual overhaul, some extra jingle in the pockets and maybe . . . just maybe . . . a large battle this weekend.

fly it like you won it


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