Running again

Scotty grinned as the ship docked and Mike exited it. “Thought that you would be dropping by soon.”

Mike smiled back. “Getting predictable am I?”

“Election time around the corner? Yeah, you do tend to show up and touch base. Here to go through the candidates?”

Mike shook his head. “Not yet, the aren’t even all at the starting gate, yet. Got another few weeks before that happens. Then there is the vetting process.”

“To weed out all the shady types?”

Mike grinned. “Only the extreme ones. Normal levels of shady are expected, us being politicians and all . . . but it does check to see if the candidates can follow simple instructions like how to fill out an application. In the past more than a few have failed that step.”

“Ha, ha . . . wait, you are serious?” Scotty asked as he fell in beside Mike walking across the hanger floor.

“Very. Sometimes people cannot follow basic instructions . . .



26 April – 12 May – Submission Period

26 April – 14 May – Application Processing

20 May – Live Candidates Announcement

20 May – 4 June – Campaign Period

8-15 June – Voting Period (from 11:00 UTC to 11:00 UTC)

21 June – Live CSM 16 Reveal


Important disclaimer: incorrectly filed or incomplete submissions will be rejected. The rules are very clear, but we are happy to answer any questions if you are unsure about anything regarding the process. You can send us an email at

To be eligible for the CSM, applicants must meet the following requirements:

• Your account must be older than 60 days at the time candidacy applications close.

• Characters on both Alpha and Omega accounts are eligible to run.

• You must have a history of honoring the EULA and the Terms of Service. We will screen every applicant thoroughly, and EULA/TOS violations on your record can result in a rejected application.

• You must create a campaign thread in the CSM section on EVE Online forums covering the following questions:

o Your EVE Online story.

o Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

o Why are you applying for the CSM?

o What can players expect from you?

o You are free to add more information and manage your campaign thread as you see fit, but the above four questions are the bare minimum required from everyone.

• Your account must have updated and correct information at the time of your application. This includes your real-life name, correct date of birth, and the same email you use to submit your application. To view and edit this information go to the account management website.

• Candidates must have reached 18 years of age. If the legal adult age in your home country (the age at which you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract) is higher than 18, that number applies instead.

• As an applicant, you must consent to provide your personal details to CCP, including your real name and a copy of your passport. CCP needs to affirm your real-life identity for NDA contract purposes, and the ability to travel to a summit in Iceland is a key function of the CSM.

• If you do not currently have a valid passport, we will accept a picture/scan of a valid and approved passport application accompanied by a picture of your driver’s license.

• You must consent to share your country of origin with the EVE community and display it on the EVE Online website. You will not be required to share any other personal information with the EVE community.

• If you are running as an “alt” and control a character that has a reputation in the EVE universe, CCP may require you to run under that identity at its full discretion.


“You know, simple things like prove that you are you . . . that sort of thing. But some folks just cannot get past such details without falling flat on their asses.”

Scotty nodded. “Immortal capsuleers but they still suck at the paperwork.”

“Yup, so I came here to file mine, I would look damn stupid if I got it wrong considering the number of times that I have run. Cross all the I’s and dot all the T’s every jot and tittle as Tanta used to say. Ya gets it right or just plain be wrong.” Mike nodded and they turned into the bar together. “Nice to be back in the office, if even just to do a little paperwork.”



Yeah the election is coming up. Yeah I am running again.

I was debating it a lot over the past month but some things that are still in the works? I want to see through.

That means that I would appreciate it if you could put me on your ballot come the day, preferably on the top. There are a lot of good folks running though and even if I am not your top choice I would appreciate making it on.

I will talk about the other candidates in a wee bit, as said above.

Oh, one other thing. I have been streaming a bit more lately, on twitch. if you are curious. Gimme a follow or watch one of the old ones.

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Running again

  1. Black Claw says:

    Hello old friend, I hope all is well. It’s good to see you’re still active. I’m back, and wanted to say hi. You can find me ingame and at the blog, 🙂

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