Tanta and Free watched as Ruis carefully taped the windows and doors and washed down the walls. He worked quietly and efficiently before taking a scrub brush and washing the walls before even getting the paints out.

“Nice to see good work before the ‘work’ gets done” Tanta said to Free. “Best Jobs done be like that. The better you prepare the smoother they go and folks think you hardly done no work at all.”

“He could have just started painting.”

“Sure he could but he wouldn’t not with me watching and all. No not with me watchin.” Tanta nodded. “A lot of things be like dat. Even what you used to do had a lot of scaffolding to it. Ting is, most of the scaffolding was done by the boy.”

It took a moment for free to realize that Tanta meant her tech and then she began to think about it. ID, escape route, dossiers, weapons, and safe houses. All were there when she needed them. “I . . . I don’t often think about it like that. He was just doing his job.”

“His job was to make your job smooth. Did yous ever thank him?”

Free hung her head. “I didn’t kill him”

“If you tink dat counts as thanks I has a lot of teachin left to do, a lot of teachin. He be a good boy and takes pride in his work. We almost lost him once, alreadies.”

“WHAT?!” Free was shocked that she had not heard of this earlier, then suddenly shocked at the feeling of possessiveness that suddenly swelled up. Corey had every right to be his own person, they were no longer obligated to serve another.

“Boro offered him the position that you arranged to be open. Manager of his tour. The boy brought the message to me, in case I had not seen it, being private and all.” Tantas chuckle faded into a cough. “Offered a lot of money, too. I knew Boro had seen something in the boy. But he told me that he had already decided to stay. Yer lucky, girl. No, WE is lucky. He makes good scaffolding and makes the rest of the job look easy and right. Even if you don’t do the prep yerself you should appreciate that it is done and done right.”

“But what about Mike. He never plans ahead far enough for your scaffolding.” Free protested.

“You tink dat, do you? He does like to look like it is all off da cuff and accidental but THINK, LOOK. Is it?”

Free frowned and realized that Mike was always talking to people, always listening. THAT was his scaffolding.

“no. I should have known. Seeing as he is one of yours.”

“Bah, he is his own. But Réme and I, we tried to teach him a few tings, here and dere. His scaffolding is different than yours but it is made, juss the same. He takes his pride in the workings of it, more dan you know. Just because you do not always see it being made just means that it is happening out of your sight or attention. But if a job is to be well done there is always scaffolding.



I am painting a stairwell and once again it hammers home to me that often the prep for the jog (scaffolding) takes longer than the actual task itself.

In the past I have seen CCP face the same issue. Work from where you are or spend a LOT of time diving into the legacy code. Problem is? We Players are an impatient bunch. We do not see the scaffolding, only demand the painting be done. “A simple code change . . . what is the problem and why won’t they do it?”

/me shakes his head

At times I am the same. I have been waiting for CCP to finish scaffolding so we can put down some paint and I may be forced to run for CSM 16 if I want to be a part of that. I am not complaining about timelines, just this has been a rough year for us all and I would like to be a part of the changes to come (for better or worse)

My dad worked with an electrician who was an electrical genius, in his own way. Trouble was? He sucked at prep. So if he was on a jobsite I was tasked with being one step ahead of him doing proper prep, pulling wire, drilling holes, and such. I have seen what happened if someone did not do the prep and it was worked into my own personality, over time, part of my upbringing

But yeah, I do get impatient, now and then

fly it like you won it


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