“Everybody has a project.” Mike explained to Scotty as they sat down with beers before them. “Some folks may not admit it outright but without something to do? We tend to rattle like a loose bearing until something breaks.”

Scotty nodded and sipped his drink, letting Mike talk.

“I met a few folks and they all had some thing they were working on. This one guy is doing a paper on trust among capsuleers.”

Sputtering through his beer, laughing, Scotty asked. “He was studying mythology?”

“Oh don’t give me that. There is a lot more trust in this Universe than the cynics like to claim. It just is a more cautious version of the same. Hell, the Bus project is based on trust. Those who donate trust me to distribute the donations.”

“And if you chose to walk away, how much would you make?” Scotty asked, feigning a casual air.

“Doesn’t matter, won’t happen.” Mike downed his own beer and waved for another. “Then I met a guy who is doing janitor work, capsuleer style. He decided that he has had enough of the Mobile Depots in career systems so he is shooting them down . . . slowly.”

“Shooting them slowly? Career systems are not THAT crowded.”

“No but you cannot just destroy them. They go into a timer and you have to wait two days to finish them off.”

“Doesn’t that kind of action draw some response from the locals?”

Mike grimaced. It makes you a Suspect which means other capsuleers can shoot, if they choose to do so. This guy? He decided he did not care and a few watched him but did not shoot.”

Shrugging scotty grumbled “Seems like a waste of time. The people will just put up more.”

“That.” Mike said, jabbing a finger at Scotty, “that is the exact wrong attitude. I talked to a guy who visited a run down part of town. Tags everywhere, damage to the buildings, storefront defaced and broken. Except this one small area. He asked around and everyone pointed him to an old man. This old guy? He would get up every morning and fix things, wash the tags off, clean the pedestrian walkways.”

“So he was a municipal worker?”

“Nope, I asked him that, said he had been a heavy loader, long time ago, retired now. He just did not like the mess of what his old neighbourhood had become so he started cleaning it.”

“Didn’t it get tagged again?”

“Yup, and again and again and again. But Thing is, the people there started to notice and to like how things looked, cleaned up. So the storefronts got repaired . . . people started to take pride in where they lived. Slowly litter stopped being dropped, the tagging stopped and it became a nice place to be. I think that this capsuleer might have met someone similar and decided that he could be the old man, this time. I will be checking back on him, from time to time to see how it goes, maybe toss him a ship if he needs it.”

Scotty smiled and waited a beat before asking. “And what new project have you got on the go?”

Mike held a hand to his breast. “Moi? I am a lazy pilot just driving the Bus.”

“No, you are a help-a-holic who buys and fits ships, delivers them to systems and hands them out all the while on comms chatting with new capsuleers across New Eden. I know you brought home the full set of skins from the Gala but I am willing to bet that you snuck the runs in between Bus stops, right?”

Mike shook his head and laughed, “You know me too well.”



Yes it HAS been a while but I feel like writing, again.

If you see someone shooting mobile depots that are pure space spam? Probably that guy, cleaning up.

Yes I have some projects on the Horizon and I do need to do my own summary, over the next little while.

Yes, I missed you, too.

fly it like you won it


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1 Response to Projects

  1. You do have a gift for dialog; fun to read.

    Each day do something to make the world a better place. Control what you can; accept it may not be appreciated or even noticed. You will know; others might also.

    Like the old story of the man tossing starfish back into the ocean from the beach; you can’t save them all but you can make a difference to some.

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