Operations OOC

As of the end of November I will have been running Operation Magic School Bus for 6 years. Yeah, I know, hard to believe but here is the first post that started it all.

Giving Back

Six year later and I am still supported by the Eve community, still making the rounds and yes, still sending Christmas cards to CCP. (aka Operation Northern Troll) Their mailing list HAS changed, though.

Bjargargata 1,
102 Reykjavík

So if you want to join me in sending them the best wishes of the season you may want to use the above address. I just hope that mine gets there on time and that there is someone in office to receive it.

I live in the Rookie Help Chat, when in game. You get to know some of the patterns of questions and inhabitants. Some of us have been there a LONG time, helping and we have a casual camaraderie and let the one with the best answers take over if questions get specific. Also we see visitors in waves. On the weekend trolls come out, some just asking questions to see if they can trip up the helpers, others complaining about how the game is pay to win or that they should be given a battleship that can stay cloaked while firing . . . /me shakes head

Weekdays may be quieter but more gets done, without the noise of the trolls we can answer questions in depth, make sure the new player understands what we mean. My favourite is when a player returns to the help chat and expresses shock that I am still there. “I remember you from when I started, years ago!”

It is nice to be remembered.

If you have a moment? Send CCP a Christmas or New Years card or whatever holiday that you celebrate.

fly it like you won it


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