“Do you know what I miss the most, in space?” Mike asked, sitting on the porch, writing thank you notes.

Free shook her head at him and waited.

“Sunsets. We get so close to the stars but there is something about a sunset, a sunrise, on a planet with atmosphere. It touches a special place in your heart.” We waved his hand out across the bayou where the sun was, indeed, setting. “It is a transition we just don’t see and as a result miss.”

“I have seen that you do take pictures, in space, though.” Free said.

“Of course I do, I am Gallente, I find whatever beauty is about me and enjoy it. But that does not mean that I don’t miss what I do not have.” His voice lowered, “Or won’t miss what I lose.”

She also lowered her voice and glanced over her shoulder to make sure that they were alone. “Any new word from the doctors?”

“No, dey is keepin close mouthed and just monitorin for now. Tanta seems to be . . . how you say, declinin slowly. But I no counts her out just yet. She be a fighter.”

Free rested her hand on Mikes arm for a moment, silent support, before looking at what he was doing. “Thank you notes?”

“I went and put a call for donations to the Bus and damn if folks did not respond. I was raised to be mannerly so I has to send them thanks.”

“How long should it take to bulk mail thanks?”

Mike smiled. “Prolly not that long but I said I am writing the thanks. It may take me a while but each person who was thoughtful enough to send the Bus a donation deserves some thoughtfulness from me, no?”

She blinked. “Every person gets a note from you?”

“Yeah, it will take some time but it is the right thing to do. Like I said, I was raised right.” He glanced over his shoulder and tears filled his eyes for a moment. He wiped his face on his sleeve and went back to writing.



Not to say that there isn’t beauty in space


Oh I made a new lesson vid, trying to get back into that.

See? Sunsets just aint the same.

If you have a lesson for newbros you think should be made? let me know

For those who have donated to the Bus already? thank you. As the linked post says, I fundraise once a year and this is it.

fly it like you won it


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