The Other Shoe

“Well,” Mike drawled. “What the hell did you think would happen? Let me know where in history invaders have come, then left peacefully. Nope, they do tend to take stuff. In this case? Entire star systems.”

“But what are the ‘Powers that Be’ going to do?” One of the pilots in the bar demanded. “I ran a profitable trade route through Niarja and now . . . and now . . .”

“Do? Well for one thing probably be thankful the trigs did not worship a number higher than 3 or we really woulda been really screwed. But if you are expecting us to ‘get the systems back’ please show me the button that does that. Come on, I knows some of you are positive standings for the Trigs, now you get to bask in the glory of viraggee or whatever the hell you calls it.” Mike paused and looked around the room. some did not make eye contact when he did so.

“Thought so. You wanted to ‘shake things up’? Well lil darlin they is ALL SHOOK UP.” He grinned, swiveled his hips at the waitress and held up fingers to ask for more drinks for his table. He then took a breath and brought his voice down a bit.

“Ain’t just the gates and systems. Ores be missing, too. A lot of change is coming and some of it will come like dominoes. This one knocks that one and so on till some huge plank falls over on our heads. Don’t matter iffen you mine. It matters iffen you plan on flying anything made from minerals mined. Prices gonna be changing, gonna be new work for shippers and pirates who hunts them.”

“Speaking of being hunted . . . “

“Yeah yeah, the bounty office is closed and I no longer has a price on my head. No saying if they is an aftershock of the gates closing or just how things be, now.” Mike shrugged. “It is not like hunting immortals was a paying gig for many folks.” He smiled as the drinks arrived. “But we still have booze, our ships and ammo, we still have this grand adventure of New Eden. Me? I will find my way around the systems because the Bus is still flying. I will keep my Edencom Standings and won’t go trying to ‘fix’ things so I am all good to all folks. Cosying up to people who took 27 of your systems? There is probably a word for such folks but this ain’t strong enough alcohol to clean my mouth after I used such language. So I lets them be them I will keep being me. Any questions?”



Yeah. A LOT of changes and yes, some of it I knew a LITTLE before things hit. (But I take NDAs seriously) Oh, one last thing that I have to link is the new trailer . . .

I love almost everything about this.

Gates . . . look sometimes I take the attitude of ‘if I started the game today would this be unplayable or is it just that I dislike change of how it was. In a months time I may ask newbies what they think of the game map.

Trig systems. Well I fought for Edencom so I doubt I am going to be going on any sightseeing tours anytime soon

Ores. This one is very rough and CCP says it is a phase with an end goal in sight. A few folks on the forums pointed out that temporary measures often stick far longer than they should. This one I hope does not.

As always I keep talking to the ‘Powers that be’ aka CCP and if you have messages for me to pass on? I may (If I have high enough proof alcohol)

fly it like you won it


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