The oddly shaped ship seemed to balance in the hanger, as though wishing to be back out in space rather than parked ‘safe’. Scotty whistled at it as Mike emerged. “One of the new Edencom ships? “

Mike nodded, “Stormbringer, I heard a lot against it then folks started to appreciate its capabilities . . . so I though that I would give it a try.”

“And?” Scotty asked.

“And I like it. Tough hunk of tritanium that it is. But man, it goes against everything that I have learned, over the years. We were always told to finish a target, never (or seldom) should you spread your damage. This puppy does nothing BUT spread the damage. But the thing is? I think I almost like this better than the Gila for abyssal pockets.”

“Heresy.” Scotty stage whispered. “I heard you were also out mining, some, over the past few days.”

“Yup, wanted to go back to where I started, a humble miner. Remind myself of my roots, as it were. Change is in the air, tho.”

Scotty squinted at Mike, “Anything you can share?”

“Just a feeling more than anything. The stargates are acting funny, flickering on a regular beat. Huge battles in Null tend to make all the news but I formed a habit of trying to see past the headlines and figure out what the editors are trying to hide, to slip past us.” Mike grimaced. “For all that we capsuleers are brave adventurers we sure don’t like a lot of change.”



I did a small update while mining, the other day,

But I did not mention the gates pulsing, you may want to check it out if you are passing through. Now from what I have heard on twitter? They are speeding up in their cycles, a little faster, each day.

The true tinfoil says the gates flicker rate is increasing in frequency. Tiptop tinfoil says this counts down to next Tuesday.

I remain ready for anything at this point..- Ashterothi (@Ashterothi)

You know, sometimes I am not sure which I love more, the attention to the details that the players have or the fact that Eve developers put details in for us to find.

fly it like you won it


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