Horse race

He stepped onto the concourse and sighed.  Yes he was home but things were continually changing.  Space was always in flux.  Scotty walked up and joined him, looking at the flow of the people moving about their business.  “You still miss here, don’t you.”

“I will until the last day that I die.”  Mike confirmed.  “I was thinking about change.”

“And I was thinking about how some things never seem to change.  I see that you are back into politics.”

Mike nodded.  “I felt the need to do it again and damn if the people didn’t give me my shot.”

“You ran a fair to middling campaign.  Not your usual media blitz but you seemed to tick a few of the boxes.  Even talked to your fellow candidates and, as usual supported them.”

“It is going to be an interesting council,”  Mike said agreeably, “Oh I wish a few other folks got on but from what I have seen? Yeah, I can work with some of these folks.  Gotta say though that damn election announcement had me on the edge of my seat.  It was like watching a horse race and I was one of the horses.  I did not exactly come out of the gate at top speed. Not that I am complaining, mind you. It was enough to keep me in the race.  And that was the key.  Each round they eliminated the rearmost ‘horse’ and the votes were redistributed according to second choices and third and so on.  Seems that while I was not everybodies first choice I was on their ballots somewhere.”

Scotty smiled.  “Comes from being ‘known’, as you call it.”

“Most likely true.  So almost every elimination tossed some votes my way, it felt like scraps at times but they started to add up.  40 people running and ten seats up for grabs meant that I had to survive 30 rounds.  Round 14 still saw me sweating, not in the back but pretty much the middle of the pack. About round 21 I was breathing down Torvalds neck but he still had a lead.  He was the one I could see edging me out for that tenth seat.  But then the peopl I liked and wanted to work with started to fall, which was both bad and good.  Dutch gunner tossed a lot of votes my way in round 24 then Jurius Doctor fell in round 25 and the same happened again.  Damn, I do not like getting ahead over the bodies of people I would like as allies.  But the scraps kept coming in and I kept moving up through the pack.  It was close until round 29, right at the end of the race.  I was the second choice on a lot of the ballots for Ikarus, it seems.  786 votes all for me.  It was enough to push me across the finish line as, at the time, In was about 300 votes away from it.”

Scotty whistled.  “All the way to round 29 eh?  But that means you got in before round 30.  You did well.”

“Yeah and so did Torvald and  Brisc but that was it from my list of recommended, unless you count myself.”

“Which we do.”

‘”We?”  Mike asked.

“We as in the congratulations party that is waiting for you if you get a move on.  I swear, driving that Bus has made you slower.”  Scotty nodded to the nearest bar where Mike could now see faces, old familiar ones, peeking out at him.

“Food booze and friends and you let me tell you this story out here?  Now I am gonna have to tell it in there, multiple times, most likely.”

Scotty grinned “Most likely and you will enjoy every minute of it, as will we.”

The two crossed the concourse and Mike entered to Pub to a roar of welcome.  He still missed her but being home had both the good and the bad.  This was the good.



Wow, thank you one and all, that was a nail-biter right to the end.  In want to thank my fellow candidates and wish those who did not make it the best of luck in future elections.  I appreciated the support that I could read on the twitch stream and have nothing but kudos for how CCP Aurora put together the presentation.  Worth every minute of the 18 hours that she spent on it.

I played what I thought of as a ground game in this election. I kept talking to people, did not manage to get on all the podcasts but I made a few.  That is the key, for me.  Reminding people that I exist.  About once a week a vet returns and exclaims surprise that I am still in the game doing what I do.  I do not consider myself famous but I am known, in game.  That counted for something, the ground game, enough 1st votes to survive the early bloodbath and then the slow second and third choices pushing me up through the ranks.

Once again, thank you and I will, as always, be looking forward to hearing from you, eve mail, comments here as I do my own take on what is happening that I can tell you about, hell even twitter @Mikeazariah I am your representative, whether you voted for me or not.  That is what I said I would do and dammit . . . . it is what I will try my damndest to keep to.

fly it like you won it




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2 Responses to Horse race

  1. Congratulations on your return to New Eden’s most esteemed deliberative body!

    I mean, it is more respected than Reddit and the forums I guess.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    lol, thank you.

    I don’t know about esteemed and having been there before deliberative is, at time, a stretch but I will do what I can.


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