OOC CSM15 Election time – Mikes list

https://www.eveonline.com/article/qajoai/csm-15-know-your-candidates is the full list of candidates.

Oh, did I mention that I am on that list and running?  No?  Well I am.  Thing is, so are 39 other people for a very limited number of seats.

So let me do a little breakdown on how I plan on voting but before I do?  Word has come to me that the Null Blocks have managed to now make a ‘one click we will tell you how to vote’ ballot.  This means they are making their people into F1 monkeys, again.


40 people, let us see if I can trim the list a bit.  Well if the null blocks have their prefilled ballots and name exchange lists?  I do not think that they need any average Joe votes (there will be an exception or two to that)

So 40 names needs a winnowing of the null blocks

Well, it is a start but there are still a lot of names.  The exceptions I referred to are Brisc and Maria.  One is just someone I like to see serve and the other represents a block nobody else does.  Now for folks

Now I start to look at who does what as opposed to who they answer to. Community minded folks, well that would include a LOT of people who say they will be community so you have to go by record.  Brisc has that record of working with people, so does January Valentine and Insidious, Pandora and Torvald.  Look, community means something to me.

Exookiz is a good wh candidate and an incumbent.  I do hope that he gets in but I do not think that he needs my vote.  I hope I am not wrong in that.

Komi has at thread full of a lot of RP and I love rp as much as the next space geek but it is not translating well in their case. Darius is an odd one and making this cut as a non big bloc but null person.

Dhuras has been fairly low key in the forums but what he has said I find myself disagreeing with.  It looks like he has not thought all his grand ideas through.  The biggest one (to me) is asset safety.  He wants it gone.  I know of players who are deployed overseas or away because rl has overshadowed gaming, sometimes suddenly.  When those players come back and find everything is GONE do you honestly think that they will stay?

There are a few people who feel like they are running on a very similar platform as myself, Dutch Gunner, Jurius Doctor, Ikarus, Rhea

Stich and Loroseco and both good candidates as well with similar foci.

Some folks I think just need a bit more time to refine their ticket, Ironwulf, Ikarus, Fieden fit this bill

Meredith impressed me on our co-appearance on declarations of war. So she stays on the list is only for the industry aspect (damn I miss Steve already). The Oz had a damn good campaign vid and presents well.. Styxx on the other hand has a great paper resume but not a lot of known community contact, etc.  PJHustle does have the resume and while I am on the fence about whether a renter will be beholding to  a larger alliance, for now he stays on.

dammit 17 people still on the list.  Did I mention that you can vote for 10  order of preference?  Well, you can.  Order matters, too.  Top of the list is the person you really want to see get in (I hope that that name is mine)  next name gets some of your vote IF the top name is eliminated OR voted in.  and so on down the list.

So I have to trim a few names.  Well in the end, yes, I am going to vote for myself. I need every damn vote I can get including my pitiful one omega account.  After that I apply the last filter of who I would like to work with if they got elected as well.

This is the most personal of the filters and I do not tend to need to explain my feelings.  They are what they are.

so my list

That was a lot tougher than I thought it would be to finish.  I am sorry for the 7 I left at the last gate and I hope that each reader of this takes the time to do a bit of reading themselves. Please vote.

Now, do any of you want me to make up a one stop vote button with the above list? I will if asked but personally I find it a bit offensive to think that you cannot fill out your own ballot.  You have the vote unless you have willingly abdicated that measure of power to others who tell you what to think, what to do.  In which case?  well you will be voting for the names at the top of this post wit the lives through them.

Good luck to all my fellow candidates.

fly it like you won it


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