Mike stepped down from the ship, laughing.  “Damn if that is not a fun little thing to fly.”

“A bit garish there, mon, you really mean it to be so  . . . so  . . . yellow?”  Ev squinted up at it.

“Branding.”  Mike replied.  “But it was a sweet little runner for an abyssal trip, nary a problem or hiccup.”

“Well, you know you best, I s’pose.  But while you was out of the normal sidereal universe there been someone tryin ta find yas.  He make no bones about turnin ova evary stone once you no be answering your own comms.”

Mike grinned guiltily and turned his comm on.  When out on ‘me time’ he often closed all incoming and just focused on the fun he was having.  A lot of the messages were echos of what Ev had told him, others who had been called . . . but the root one was from home.  He cursed to himself and opened the channel.

*Took you long enough*  Cory said  *I was afraid I might have to start tracking down your ex-girlfriends.*

Mike grinned, “Not even Tantas comms has that much spare memmry.  But what are you doing there and is Tanta alright?”

“She is fine, she just set me the task of finding you and letting you know that there will be some sort of gathering and you will be doing the History Toast.  Whatever the hell that means.”

*Means I gots some planning to do and it is time to come home, eh, time to come home.  She give a timeline?”

“One week.  Problems with that?”

Mike laughed.  “One does not have problems with Tantas ‘requests’.  You just make it work.  I will be there in time, I will.  Tell her I said so.”

*Will do, now she has me contacting a LOT of other folks and sending out the invites so I best be . . . .*

“Hold on.  You working for Tanta now?  Free?  What is going on?”

*Yes, we are with Tanta now, will explain when you get here, for securities sake AND I want to see you expression when we tell the story.  One week.*

“One week.”  Mike agreed and closed the channel.

On the other end Cory looked at the ever growing list of contacts he had to make.  Judges, military, churches and farmers and small business owners from planets all across Gallente space and beyond.  No rhyme or reason he could see but it was looking to be a very large gathering.  Always the same format, though.  Eldest, youngest, and leader (Plus ones allowed but please rsvp)  He smiled and got to work.



The other thing about comms is getting folks to answer.  With players all the way around the world?  ya gotta sleep sometime.

Was recording a podcast with Ashterothi yesterday as he ran abyssal sites and it got me back on that play-style again.  To try something new I hit the web for solo frigate abyssal runners that were NOT ones I had done before.

Settled on this one and I DID enjoy it

yeah I am lazy and run calms, so sue me.

fly it like you won it




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