OOC Sock matching

Occasionally I write just to catch up on all of bits and pieces of New Eden. This is one of those posts. A few things to cover in and out of game.

Let’s start with the biggest and most recent. They cancelled Fanfest 2020 in Iceland. With the Covid 19 virus and people getting more nervous travelling? It makes sense.


They skipped last year as well. I hope momentum does not take over and end a venerable Eve tradition. Funny thing is? Some pilots are going to go anyways. Even if there is no fest they can meet up and tour the magical place that is Iceland. If you are one of those going anyways? Talk to folks like Rixx Javix and meet up, sanctioned or no. We are Eve pilots, we adapt and conquer.

Then the mining changes that are just around the bend. This I know less about but if mining or industry is your thing, get out there and read. Oh and industry folks, CSM sounds like they may be doing some industry sessions so you may want to find folks there who may represent you. Dunk Dinkle leaps to mind.

Now the cool ‘out if the blue’ announement. Battleships can now carry a frigate as an escape vessel. Lose one and jump into the second. I REALLY want to see an Alliance Tournament with this mechanic.


People were afraid Eve might be stagnating. I must have some different definition for that word.

The surgery went well and I will be in the hospital until Monday.  I miss you all and Eve and especially rookie help chat.

Fly it like you won it.


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