Holidays OOC

Gaming companies make a thing about some holidays.  Well the companies that do community engagement do.  Some just add some skins, others a bonus or two and maybe a time limited effect.  Now as you know the main two games that I play (these days) are Eve and Elder Scrolls Online.  One sci fi and one fantasy.

Eve first.  It did a bit of all of the above.  EveVegas was just before Halloween and they announced some new stuff including a modification to how the loot fairy will be working for a week or so . . . everything drops.  Needless to say this has caused a marked increase in pvp kills and probably a marked decrease in shipping (logistics) by those who pay attention to the news.  There has been free sp for making kills and some ‘show up, win a gift’ just for logging in.  All nice, I guess.  But I miss Bloody Omir and an actual event.  Trick or treat would be a possibility for explorers.Invasion of Blood Raiders.  Something.  But something LIVE.  (A guy can dream.)

Elder Scrolls Online.  Halloween in a fantasy setting?  They bring out some time limited achievements, skins for characters, special mounts.  Double exp if you complete a small quest. That sort of thing.  Lots of grind for the achievement and I will readily admit I decided that I wanted the damn hat and title and am doing a bit of grind as I play.  Also nothing ‘Live’ but see, the thing is?  I have not seen a live event in ESO.

Eve spoiled me in a lot of ways as to what a game CAN be, CAN do.  Live events, interaction with the gms or game team.  Lore advanced manually.  I value that far more than a new skin or a minor rule change for a limited time.

In ESO I meet folks and maybe work with them for a mission or two but there is no long term connection.  In Eve?  Trust is given carefully but, as a result, relationships form.  There are folks I have known for YEARS in Eve.  Not corp mates just people who keep in touch in spite of me playing very different than they do.

Holidays, to get back to the topic at hand, are about relationships.  Halloween trick or treating is a neighbourhood thing.  Thanksgiving is family.  Remembrance day?  History of our people. More than anything I want the holiday events to be about connections made, maintained, strengthened.

fly it like you won it



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3 Responses to Holidays OOC

  1. Easy Esky says:

    Hey Mike, are the details under Operation Northern Troll still current?

  2. Doing some research on the article about you[ the interview], adding in a bunch of photos and links to all your stuff, it should be done in the next few days, I have been dealing with irl medical issues.

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