Mike left the lecture hall leaving behind the questions new capsuleers always wanted to ask (but never listened to the answers).  The Dean, as always, was there to thank him and try to talk him into another engagement sometime soon.

Mike begged off of committing right away and looked about trying to make a diplomatic exit.  Then the question was asked . . .

“Who taught you, Mr Azariah?”

Mike paused before answering.  “Everybody, I suppose.  I read a lot and talk to folks and damn if they are not willing to talk back.  I ask questions and collect the answers then tend to check things out for myself.  That way may not be best for everyone but it seems to have worked for me.  There WERE schools back in the day.  Good ones, too.  I deeply regret never managing to get into an Agony Unleashed pvp class.  I did do some work with Open University of Celestial Harknocks  (OUCH). Eve Uni also runs and has for a very long time, classes on various parts of aspects of being a Capsuleer and not all the classes are limited to members only.  They have let me drop in, now and again, to toss in my two isk worth.”

“But there are problems,” Mike said, warming to the subject. “Too popular or not known.  Both ends of that spectrum can be death to a school.  Too popular and you have either classes that are too big or lineups and resentment. Too small and it just seems to be a waste of time for all those mentoring.”

The dean shrugged.  “Both of your problems are more attitudinal than actual.  Small lets you claim elite or personal status.  Large makes you an institution.”

“Yes,”  Mike nodded.  “But then a lot of lifes issues can be seen as ‘attitudinal’ if looked at through the proper lens.  It should never stop folks from trying, though.  I met with the admin of a new school a couple of days back.  There was no problem with attitude, there.  She had a new take on things that I found refreshing.”


We are the content of this game and for the game to continue and grow we need better quality pilots.”  {Note I am paraphrasing here because I was scribbling notes and talking and I am not a reporter.}

We need more GFs in local, more chatter.  Battles that are not a bling Loki vs a Frigate just because someone has the isk to do so.  We need better quality pilots who can do more than just hit F1 on command.

Starting with a mentoring program but slightly larger goals of setting up a single system RvB arrangement for a forever war in hisec.”

If something like this takes off?  It will be the new Agony Unleashed and I would like to see that.  If it sounds like something you are interested in helping with or learning from?  Well ask and I will point you in the right direction.


“So will this school be stealing you away from us?”

Mike laughed.  “I readily admit I would be better suited as a student than a teacher in those classes.  Oh I know a bit here and there but I ain’t no pvp pro.  Don’t you worry, I will be comin ’round lecturin for you just same as I always have.”


Schools in Eve are a good way to increase retention and have decent pilots to fly with and against.  We have a wicked learning curve and maybe we should have a few mentors helping with the ascent.

I would like to see CCP support some of these schools but I know that they are afrais of being called on favouritism or aiding and abetting a scam school from getting up and running off with all the assets.  So it is up to us.

If I can help?  I do

fly it like you won it



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3 Responses to Schools

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Long long ago CCP should have made Eve Uni some kind of semi-official part of the company, and every player’s char starts in Eve UNI. Of course, that is ripe then for the failed lawyer of Wisconsin a target for political takeover, and another RMT stream.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Which was one of the major fears for CCP subsidising or endorsing schools. Eve being Eve and all.

      I still think that there should be a way to make these schools more accessible to the new players. The school I was talking to had a more Agony Unleashed viewpoint of ‘we will train you’ but not’ we want you to stay with us forever’.

      Dammit, there should be a way to have this cake and eat it, too.


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        There are only a few ways, as far as I am concerned, all with varying degrees of involvement by CCP.

        1. Actually have a number of employees of CCP dedicate part of their paid work hours to running a school, thereby, in theory at least, invulnerable to being co-opted by the RMT cartels.

        2. All new chars are forced to choose a school from some “approved” list that is part of a drop down menu in the game, with a full description of what each school focuses on. This option is highly problematic, Eve being Eve and all.

        3. Much like option 2. Players are not forced to choose a school, but are essentially forced to read mission statements of said schools. At the end, they can choose a school, or opt out and do their own thing.

        I like option 1 myself. It is the most invasive, and cost-intensive, but one that I think would increase new player retention the most.

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