That is how many years I gave been playing Eve. Today marks the starting date for Mike Azariah oh so long ago. There are lots of players older than I, some of them still play, others have fallen by the wayside or left in disgust.

I am, as I have said before, a stubborn old man. I stick with things and work to either get better at it is make it better. So the point of this blog post? A few snapshots from over the years and thoughts on how Eve is changing every day.

What got me into Eve was a PCgamer article, you know the one, the Guiding Hand Social Club assassination/betrayal. But it was not the betrayal that captured my imagination. It was the single shard, the idea that what you did in a game could have consequences and everyone was sin the same damn game. If you did something it was not ‘big fish in a small pond’ . . . we were all in the same body of water, sharks, whales and guppies (and krill). The game has a history and you could be part of it. (or a victim of it)

Think about that for a second. Consider that there is a monument in Iceland with some of our character names on it. One server, one shared history. To me that means something. Did then, still does.

In was there, that day

People in Eve. I cannot explain how lucky I consider myself to have friends whom I have never met. I don’t think some of you will ever understand how cool it is to be greeted like a long lost brother by people you have never seen, face to face, when finally you DO meet them at a player event. My wife gets it, a little, she and I had a serious talk about Eve Vegas, yesterday. Our budget cannot handle the trip but she still brought it up as it is my 60th birthday on that weekend. Thing is? Next year is our 30th wedding anniversary and we want to do something special about that, too. Like I said, stubborn old man.

IF Eve Vegas has asked for player speakers/presenters. . . . the answer might have been different but they did not and that is that. There will be other chances . . . . Damn

This blog is my way of processing and sharing bits of Eve Online. Sometimes thing happen in game that make me laugh or scratch my head and I have to just talk them out, see what you think. (If you bother to comment, did i mention that I love comments?) Today had a fun little tidbit that is right up my alley.

Grief counselling?  Hell no, a party and an explanation of what happened and why.  Letting them know that this is a game where you will lose ships, bodies, and even cookies if you are fool enough to bring them.  We do need more of a focus on TALKING to the new players.  I know the GMs do this now and again but they are busy and with the numbers Hilmar claims come into the game every week?  yeah some are gonna be missed.

I like the ISD, honestly.  They do a lot of hard work and get a lot of grief for doing what needs to be done.  But we almost need a Rookie Chat dedicated moderation team, ISD or otherwise.  Griefing and trolling in there makes for a VERY bad first impression.  You want to keep new players?  Welcome them and make them feel at home (shoot them later).

Community . . . That is what Eve is and every damn time I see someone from the dev community team or player community leave it is like losing a family member.   I wish nothing but the best for folks like CCP Guard, Logibro, Leeloo, Pokethulhu, and others I fail to name off the top of my head.  But I do miss them.  You see it is not just the players . . . the devs themselves become part of the family.  I admire the front facing devs like Falcon, Rise and Fozzie for being able to put up with us.  We can be toxic and nasty and even I have been known to screw up and disappoint them, one way or another.  (don’t ask but Falcon, I am truly sorry).  As an aside, how many other games can you rattle off names of developers?

I have had trips to Iceland, Been to Eve Vegas twice, even had Cruisers of Eve stop in my home town and walked some of them half to death.

11 years?  Yeah, I am just getting started.

fly it like you won it


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5 Responses to Eleven

  1. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Funny, I got into the game at approx the same time based precisely on the same article. The only difference is I won Eve about 4 years ago.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am glad that you still keep tabs on us, though


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        You have always seemed like a decent fellow, unlike the sociopaths in the RMT cartels. I always keep an eye on Eve to see if new ownership will do the intelligent thing, and wipe out a significant segment of the employee population that ruined Eve, and turn it back to a track where people can enjoy the game outside of being a serf to the cartels.

        They have made some changes in that direction, but not nearly enough.

  2. Fayte says:

    Happy 11th birthday, Mike.

  3. rixxjavix says:

    You started the day before I did. I can still remember how happy I was when you showed up for that first Death Race thru Providence almost ten years ago with a Mining Barge full of prostitutes and god knows what else. The jade Inuksuit stands above my head on a shelf and guards over me every day.

    To the next ten (or eleven) years!

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