Hammering in the Goals

So Hammer is up to level 28 and still trying to finish Elsewyr.  Oh the main plot there is done but now I have set my sites upon the Title Saviour of Elsewyr and THAT is going to take some doing.

Not that I am not close.  I have one more Boss to hunt done (some bird called Wily) One more quest to complete.  And then it is just the Jigsaw of the the missing mural which will send me all over looking for missing pieces.  I find the distractions of Dragons and harvesting crafting materials along the way. As I said, previously, taking the shrines to travel is all well and fine but walking/riding means you see so much more of the landscape and find so many little hidden views and opportunities.

One question is if/when I finish the Elsewyr content to my satisfaction where will i go next?

So many choices

hammer it like it was a nail



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