No, not Empire of Man, End of Month.  I stole this from bloggers I read and respect and it seemed like a good way to end the Blaugust challenge.  I have managed, for the whole month, to do a post a day.  Not huge ones and some were in need of editing but there ya go.  Waaay too much Mike and games.

So what did I play?


Eve, still running Operation Magic School Bus.  Trying to decide if I want to do a fund raiser before the Christmas holidays because I tend to hand out a LOT of stuff then.  I am doing the various events as they come along but I really need to take a day or three and go on some roams with folks.  I miss small gang stuff.

ESO.  Hammer just hit level 25 and is still going strong.  Just upgraded his armor when I realised, last night, that he was walking about in stuff 11 levels below his own.  I have one major run left in Elsewyr and then it will be just more here and there errands.  It is interesting, trying to see all the places, do all the things in a zone before moving on.  I am not normally a completionist but this character seems to encourage that thought pattern.  But Public Dungeons are rough unless a bunch of other folks are running them as well.  I have had my head handed to me a few times in Orccrest but that is all part of the game.  Oh and I still have not met the prophet though somehow levelling up I have a Bow from him.


I do not mention tablet/phone gaming very often but I do do it.  Pokemon Go for the phone and currently I play Warlords of Aternum and Smashing Four on the tablet.  Oddly in the tablet games I have fallen into clans that are serious about getting things done.  If you do not pull your weight you may be booted.  Seeing as I do like the games I have been accepted and advanced in ranks.  I am not the best at the games but I am consistent.  I prefer the tactical games . . . ones that have some decisions tom make and not just upgrade your base varieties.  Pokemon I play to share with my daughter.  If you ever get the damn make a friend quest?  add me Friend code . . . 4067 3419 2783


In real life I continue to work on breaking a cement wall in my front yard and keep the gardens going.  Matter of fact I will be outside doing that as soon as I finish this post.  There is something satisfying about swinging a 20 lb hammer and shattering a 6 inch concrete wall.  And something humbling when you hit is hard and nothing happens except your muscles hurt.

I am looking forward to seeing what the CSM talk about in the coming week.  I will absolutely be writing a post covering the high lights.  Hell I might even have another post in the line for tomorrow.

But for those of you who have stuck it out with me for the whole month of posts?  Thank you.

fly it like you won it


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1 Response to EOM

  1. Congrats on finishing the journey! Belghast will have a “Winning Blaugust” badge for you. And then tomorrow is another day.

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