Room Names


CCP is, apparently, changing facilities and will be wanting to name the new meeting rooms.  So they are asking for player input and we have narrowed it down to ship names.  These are some of my thoughts.


HMS Terror was a specialized warship and a newly developed bomb vessel constructed for the Royal Navy in 1813. She participated in several battles of the War of 1812, including the Battle of Baltimore with the bombardment of Fort McHenry. She was converted into a polar exploration ship two decades later, and participated in George Back‘s Arctic expedition of 1836–1837, the Ross expedition of 1839 to 1843, and Sir John Franklin‘s ill-fated attempt to force the Northwest Passage in 1845, during which she was lost with all hands along with HMS Erebus.


The only ship that truly looks like its namesake and has fulfilled a number of tasks over the years. I flew a jamming Scorpion in the early Incursion fleets, before we knew the ‘best way’ to fight them. The willingness to experiment, to solve and to grow. THAT is the fun part. Following a set path already beaten flat by others? Not for me.


This ship holds a special meaning for me as I have lost two of them to wife aggro, over the years. I am now afraid to fly them as they seem to cause the ‘honey, can you come here a moment?’ call that ends in a wreckage and a floating corpse upon my return. Gorgeous ships and a mission runners dream but just not something I dare fly anymore.


A ship that was requested/designed by the community and accepted with all the hazards that went with flying a ship carrying ship with no weapons of its own. Used by the incursion communities as well as Operation Magic School Bus its utilitarian design shows that it is all about getting its specific job done.

The fun thing about Eve is that a Lot of ships have special memories for me.  Skiffs that I took in the death race.  The famous battle Hulks and Procurers,  Ganking Catalysts and salvage Catalysts.  Rifter, the iconic ship of Eve, and a ton of others.  Feel free to go over to here and voice your opinion.

fly it like you won it


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