Vegas Announcement


Well, yesterday CCP dropped the news that next year they would not be doing an Eve Vegas. I have a few thoughts about this and seeing as I am doing a post a day for the month I figured I might as well not them down for you.

I have been to Eve Vegas twice. Oh I wanted to go a lot more but I am a man of limited means and the usual family obligations. The things that leaves me go to that over, say Fanfest in Iceland were that I could get there relatively cheaply. VEGAS WANTS YOU TO VISIT. And there were things for those who came with me to experience aside from a bunch of nerds getting drunk, together.

My wife and I did the Grand Canyon before one Eve Vegas and she went to see Donnie and Marie. The second time I brought my daughter down and she hit some of the shows and had a nice time as well. Vegas is MADE for doing things and distracting yourself. It is a vacation destination.

For the past year or two I have been mentally tossing around another Eve Vegas talk as a kind of sequel to the one I gave in 2017 (look up Winning in Eve on youtube) This one would have been on the subject of longevity. I’d still like to give that talk but I would make a few changes. Oh hush, I am not saying that the game is dying, just that some of the decisions . . .well, they break traditions that help bind us together.

But . . .it is not like we have been doing Eve Vegas forever. It was a Goon event before CCP took it over and I bet that they will be fine with having a smaller more personal time of it once again. Just I doubt this old independent would be invited to talk to them.

San Diego? I guess Disney Land is close enough. Would Eve players want to do the Star Wars experience? (Hell yes, in my case)

Bottom line for me is I am sorry to see the big Eve Vegas end. I really wish CCP had asked for player speakers for this year but if they did? I missed that.

But we can still play the game.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Vegas Announcement

  1. There isn’t anything wrong with San Diego. My sister lives there. It has a good zoo, Sea World, and Legoland. But LA is just 90 minutes north and it has Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios, and a real international airport, which seems like an important consideration. And LA has a few secondary airports that are all bigger and better run than San Diego’s. Unless there is something special I am missing about San Diego, LA seemed like the better west coast choice if you were going to punt on Vegas. I am even willing to bet there are more EVE Online players in LA.

    Maybe CCP could move it to LA and hold it the same weekend as BlizzCon, which would be about par for the course for CCP planning, and then I could attend both.

  2. Asia Park says:

    I’ve lived in San Diego ever since leaving Texas in 1980 to join the navy. It’s a one of kind place. The most beautiful weather all year round – I should know, I’ve travel the world over – a world class zoo, sea world, the most beautiful beaches in the world, ocean fishing, and worlds greatest Mexican food. San Diego is probably one of America’s best kept secrets!

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