Delay, Rock on Road

He was almost to the ship when a friend contacted him. ‘Some results for those questions you had. ‘ Mike spun on his heel and headed up to an agreed upon coffee shop to meet up with the miner.

“You remember asking me to check out the economics of compression? ” The miner asked.

“I do prefer empirical evidence to heresay. ” Mike nodded. “And new pilots are always asking how to compress ore so I asked how worthy the question was”

“Well I have some preliminary results in for you.”

“I am all ears, Theo.” Mike said, leaning back

“Veldspar, then. Dense is pretty much not worth the trouble, a slight profit but silver thin. Regular veldspar has a small but arguably worthy price margin. Plagio? Rich and regular both show enough of a margin that I do use it.”

“What are you mining in, these days?” Mike asked

“Still a Procurer. ” Theo continued. “The thing that it comes down to for a lower tier miner like myself is transport, more than anything. It is not mine and sell but mine until you have a full load to transport to a hub. Not being a high and mighty freighter pilot I make do with the smaller industrials. Being able to pack more into a single run . . . Well it helps. If you are a new pilot starting out in a venture? Probably not something to worry about but if you are set on being a career miner.”

Mike interrupted. “Seek help immediately? Joking. If anyone is planning on being a career miner they should learn to run their own numbers. Empirical evidence is always the best. A close second is having friends run the experiments for you. Thanks Theo, I do really appreciate the help.”

“Anytime.” Theo answered, “Anytime at all.”



I do like people testing the ‘common knowledge’ now and again. To see if the numbers still check out or whether we are perpetuating myths.

Posting this while far from my home and comp, thankful for eve portal letting me read in game mail

fly it like you won it


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