Mike paged through the comms advertisements and deleted them after a quick glance to each.  This one offered free mining ships if you joined their corp.  That one two sides with every entree.  Sale sale sale and for Gods sakes just come look . . .

He sighed and closed the comms and then looked out at the docking bay of an Amarran station,  Pasha?  Was he in Pasha again?  He did not bother to look because it really did not matter.  He handed out ships and to a certain extent he was the same as the tout mailers he got.  Something free . . . just speak up and dock up and listen to meeeee.

One difference?  He did not expect anything in return but how the hell were the new pilots supposed to know that?  He had a good reputation but new pilots had never heard of anybody, him included.  So he called out in local and maybe a few brave ones asked questions.

He sighed and took a quick inventory of the station (it WAS Pasha) while still deleting one message after another.  Maybe a few more normal ones were lost in the culling, that happens.


“I sent him a coded note as you suggested but no reply as of yet.”  Cory said.

“For an almighty pilot he is one of the worst for comms discipline I have ever known.”  Free sighed.  “We wait, he will be here soon enough, I bet.  Watch local, he always announces himself on arrival.”



Eve Portal came out today.  An app that will allow access to ingame mail and skill queue and I will see what else once I get in . . . I suppose

Communications is a very large part of Eve Online and this app has been a long time coming.  We had others but quite a few years ago CCPs legal team kind of pulled the plug on a lot of app development by the third party players.

Funny thing about having a blog for so long is that I have talked about a lot of stuff and kind of marked past histories.  Oh in character, to be sure.  But the mnarkers are still there.

I will get back to you on the app once I see if anything I own can run it.  till then?

fly it like you won it


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  1. For me that is a key reason for having a blog, being able to go back in time and see what you were thinking or saying. And it is easier to search through than a handwritten diary.

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