Sandbox Blues

One of the hazards of sandbox games is the very question Pinky asks.  Without a set goal some folks become lost while other revel in the freedom.  The two ends of the scale are ‘on rails’ games where your path is very predetermined and you are playing through a story.  My wife loved the Dreamfall series but they are fairly well run trains, to me.

At the other end?  No set goals save those that you make for yourself.  The problem becomes that you may buy into someone elses goals and mistake them for your own. My best example of this is Minecraft.  You decide what you wan tto do, to build, to achieve. My wife and I play this together (On a Lan, do not bother looking for a server I run) and we are just about to do a multi (real) day trip back to where we started in the game.  We defeated a mansion,, now it is time  to go to or biggest achievement in the game so far (on this run).  We, early on, somehow, managed to kill off a village.  Building were all there but nobody home.  It may have something to do with the Illager outpost nearby, maybe not.  Either way . . . ghost town.

This bothered us so I did some research and we made a plan to repopulate the village (all the while in survivor mode).  I headed out to the tundra and found potions, we walled the entire town and built new houses and a  hall of doors.  The we waited for zombie villagers to make an appearance.

And waited.

One arrived and we cured him.

More waiting.

Another arrived and we had us a village again, The population boomed and we started a very good trade market.  That is when we got that damn map and headed off to the mansion.  Now it is time to go home and then we will see what new goals we can make.  So it is time to sort out the travel gear, decide what comes home with us and what stays behind.

We are in a sandbox and doing what we choose to do and that is, for me, more fun, more challenging that playing someone elses pathed idea of what to do next.

Is this a pattern with me?  Yes.  I play Eve my own way with the Bus.  I play ESO as a personal challenge to see what restrictions I can place on myself and still succeed. (or just wander through because I love the environments).

When we get back to the Revenant village I may post a shot of it.  Yeah I am proud of that.  It is not beautiful . . . but it is mine.

fly it like you won it




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