Hull Bonuses

This post by Rixx got me thinking.  Hull bonuses are, in Eve, an indicator of best use for a ship. They also are the reason for training the skills beyond the minimum needed.  This one likes shields, that one likes missiles.  But what about things other than skill set? Having already set the precedent with Concord ships like the the Marshal

10% bonus to security status gains from destruction of non-capsuleer pirates while flying this ship

Shield Booster effectiveness increased by a percentage equal to 10x pilot security status, with a floor of 0% and ceiling of 50%

This is a ship bonus tied not to a pilots skill but to his standings.  Rixx asked if a negative version of this could be added.  A Pirate one, as it were, that would bet better the closer you got to -10 standings.  Personally?  I think it is a fair and equitable proposal.  So what would you expect a pirate ship to be better at?

Offensive bonuses leap to mind.  Faster lock, better scrams and disruption.  Things that would help a pilot get his Yarr on.  Perhaps it should come with a skin pre-applied if -10, the Jolly Roger?  Skin is lost if you are so goody two shoes as to get to -3 or higher and you will have pay to get it re-applied.

So, thinks I.  What about those who are neither good nor bad?  Logi?  Neutral logi is a thing, you know.  It would be a reason to NOT want in on piracy kills as it would lessen your effectiveness.

Then I go for a bigger think.  Aside from skills and standings what other pilot aspect could have an influence on a ship?  Attributes.  A set of ships that are better for a pilot who is specced to fly them.  Ah?  Whats that?  You have used all your remaps?  Well not all ships are for all people.  I am +5 standings but I still would like to see the pirate ships exist.  You might not be specced for that ship, well them perhaps the NEX store sells remaps (isk sink).  Or maybe that ship style is just not for you, this year.

That may be the hardest thing to do and it was tough when I was in the CSM.  See a change that does not benefit you and yours but might be good for the game or for some other play style.

fly it like you won it


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