Hammering continues

Second in my ESO posts, if you are an Eve player?  Move along or expand your gaming repertoire.

Last time I left off Hammer had made it through the basics and was committed to avoiding that flashy magic stuff.  Since then I have found another quirk for this character.  He does not like taking the shrine travel network.  As a result he has gotten to know the landscape of Northern Elsewyr very well.  I do not know if he will continue to avoid that transport but for now, it is a thing.  Now at level 15 and not using any experience scrolls, just following the stories of the area and see where his horse takes him.

Finished off the battle of the Two Queens story-line and frustrated that only occasionally does anyone think to give him a hammer as opposed to some stupid staff that you magic with.  He understands why Abner keeps handing off items to him, ones bag does get cluttered.  I am currently a VIP player so the crafting things I pick up along the way are nice and don’t fill my pockets.

So there is a house in the Elsewyr storyline and slowly it grows as the story progresses.  Having finished the first chapter game me access to a portal that . . . well damn look at the view from part of my house.

With a waterfall to the left and a pool down below (slaughterfish I do not recommend the high dive more than once) it actually is a peaceful sanctuary.

That brings me around to todays thing.  Sound.  In Eve I keep the sound on (yes, smart asses, eve has sound) but mainly as a warning system, more than anything else.  In ESO I keep the sound on for that but also for the ambience.  The sound changes as I ride across a bridge, hooves on wood.  The birds singing or the music in the Sugar Bowl.  Just waves on the beach or the waterfall on my left.

Sound in a game means something . . .gives an added depth.  With Eve it was not environment but the music, for a long time I listened to it to the point of truly regretting missing Fanfest 2013 when the Icelandic Symphony did a live performance of the Eve soundtrack at the time.  Sound effects, ambience, music can make one emotional as can just the peace of a shore sounds with seagulls in the distance, waves lapping nearby.

Games take me away.  They come with me when I am not playing them and become part of my life, not in a weird way but occasionally I see a plant and realise that the crafting of ESO used some real world models.  Or I look at my recipes and wonder if I should enter one into the Eve Recipe contest.

For that?  I am thankful, I am mentally occupied.

hit it like it was a nail









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