Modified 14 (3rd and last bit)

Mike looked to his comm reminders and swore softly. “OK gang, I have to wrap this up quick because there are some things I need to do in Yulai with Concord.”

“You work for Concord now?”  The admin could not keep himself from asking.

Looking to the side Mike smiled.  “No, but they are going to give us Capsuleers a chance to fight our worst enemy . . . Bots.”  He looked back to the class.  “So, we talked about what you can do, what you should do, lets look at all your choices for a moment and discuss how YOU decide.”

The list that scrolled across their comms was long . . . very long

“Now unless you plan on injecting A LOT yo are going to spend years and probably will never know it all, though you are welcome to act like you do.  Some of the methods people use to decide what to train next is to get a fit and then train towards it.  Others try to perfect the ship and fit that they are currently in, to fly it well before moving on to something new.”

“Which is better?”  Asked a student.

“Honestly?  I have no idea which probably means that it depends on you and not some strangers concept of what is the ‘right way’ ta do somethin.  That right there is my bottom line, folks.  I can recommend that you train, I can point you to some fave lists but in the end?  The choice be yours and yours alone.  You can yell about how outdated the Magic 14 is until you be blue in the face.  It still has some validity and if you don’t know any better?  It be a place to start.  Once you learn a bit more about what you like, what you want then you can use or throw out other folks opinions and start forming your own.”

Mike checked his comm again.  “And on that note I has to be going if I wants to make it to Yulai on time.  Remember folks. You live and die with your choices.  Make them your own.”  He did not sprint from the stage (well not quite)



Way back when I was young and graduating high school I found the University Catalogues almost magical to read.  All these things I could learn and do.  I found the Spell lists in D&D to be the same.  I wanted to be all the mages, all the classes, in fact.  So I usually wound up DM’ing.


The Skills list in Eve brought back that same magic, more so than the more limited lists of some MMO’s.  All the things, I want to do them and that is the one thing that Eve has . . . no character classes.  You are what you choose to be and fly (with varying levels 0f success)

Oh and Yulai?

Aside from the numbnuts who spammed the local a LOT, as in scrolling so fast I could not read it at all, it was a bigger event this time.  A few blocks brought the local into readable and I manage to get into a fleet in time to get in on an Avatar and a Hel kill.

I honestly was hoping the GM’s would channel Mod so we could enjoy the event a bit.  But it was impressive just the same.

Still managing a post a day for Blaugaust

I know.  too much for me to write and you to read, right?

fly it like you won it



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