Hammer O’Clock

So I went throught the skills sets of the various classes in Elder scrolls online trying to find the one that might be most conducive to running a straight warrior.  Non of them really fit my purposes since i did not want to make another Nightblade.  So I settled on Dragonknight.  Not that it was the best choice but it was a choice.  Breton, short and firebearded approaching a dwarf in stature and attitude and straight to Hammer and Heavy Armor.

Just what the Doctor ordered.

I chose to not skip the tutorial and I am glad that I went with that decision because you now start in a different way than you used to.  Waking up I am greeted and told that I am one of the survivors of a dragon attack on a caravan.  OHHHH, I know which one . . . .

Cool, I feel like I am in the story right from the start, connected to the trailers. One mission leads to another with a side distraction from Razum-Dar and suddenly I am having a blast with both the concept and the game.  Working with a cat and a battle-mage to meet a dual plague of Dragons and undead and I am not really worried about levelling up though I would like a few more skills to fill out my bar. (this no magic, no flashy stuff self imposed condition makes life interesting)









See that is what it is all about, for starting out a game.  Catch them, hold them, teach them as they go but make them feel a part of the Universe.

I am looking at you, Eve Online.

Part 2 of the Magic 14 is next

hammer it like it was a nail.


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