Modified 14 (part 1)

“If y’all have been paying attention as new folks to the rookie chat you most likely have seen a link to the Magic 14 skills list that is a common recommendation.”  Mike adjusted his noted on the lectern and looked off stage at the admin who kept rooking him into giving these talks.

“Now not everybody agrees with them being a go to and some get quite irate if you send someone that way at all saying that the list is outmoded or too general for usage.  So we are going to take a bit of time to discuss what your skill queue should be holding.”  Mike paused and looked out at the class.  “Ya see the thing is?  Not all of you are gonna do the same thing once you hit space.  Some will mine, some will mission, some will head to null.  Some like shields and some like armor.  Some like Missiles and others drones . . . so many choices.  Know what I am saying?”

Blank stares of students overwhelmed with information looked back at him.

Mike sighed.  “No of course you don’t.  So let us start with the basics.  Before you hit any generic list of skills look at your own here and now as well as your tomorrows. Guns and hulls that you are using or are about to use are ALWAYS a good thing to have in your queue.  Support skills for the guns might modify tracking, damage, or rate of fire.  Support skills for the ship might include shield skills or armor skills but that depends on you and what you are flying.  If you are mining or doing industry other skills may also present themselves.”

“So what is the Magic 14 then?”  Someone asked.

“Well a lot of them might cross  over on the skills I already mentioned but the rest are what we call ‘fitting skills’ .  The skills that give you a better chance to cram all of those modules on to your hull in the first place.  A bit more cap or powergrid or processing power is nice to have and makes the difference for a lot of fits.”  Mike looked about.  “Now I know there are things like the co-processor unit and the micro-aux power source but do you really want to give up a module slot for that extra bit or train and have it as an inate skill?”

The students muttered amongst themselves for a moment and Mike took the opportunity to take a drink and then he tossed up an image of the list.



What you are doing needs training, what you want to do tomorrow needs training.  May you some day reach, in Eve, the point where you cannot decide what to train because you are satisfied with where you are at.  Only 10+ years in so I am not there, yet.

Magic 14 is from Eve Uni a very good resource for a lot of Eve online

and this is in NO WAY meant to be taken as an attack on them by me.

This will be at least a 2 part piece because I want to do it carefully.

fly it like you won it.


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