Elder Scrolls

As some of you know, this is pretty much my ‘other game’.  The one I play when at my computer and not in Eve Online.  I have been an avid supporter of Bethesda and the Alder scroll franchise right from the start.  Arena?  Played the hell out of it.

So I enjoy the Lore and I enjoy the world they made.  Most of all?  I enjoy the choices.  Not just the storyline ones ‘kill or let live’ but the character ones that I made for myself.  I have played a lot of Skyrim where you do not kill the first dragon and, as a result, wander a world that is pretty dragon free.  I have tried to play where sleeping matters and you don’t just keep going.  You do eat, not just 50 Cheese wheels in the middle of combat but on a daily basis.

These days it is Elder Scrolls Online and I try this and that type of character and curse the limits of the number of character slots I have.  I want to be all the things.

That brings me to here.  I am going to occasionally bore you with other gaming stories or mentions.  Why?  As I said a long time ago this is as much for me as it is for you.

In my tradition of playing games wrong I am going to try to run a character who, in day to day life does NOT use magic or flashy powers.  A straight classic warrior.  Hammer  and shield or Maul.  He takes pride in just hitting them harder than they hits him.  Oh he will work for mages and such but sneer while doing so.

The funny thing is?  The game does not really allow for that.  Every damn class has a magic/mystic skill.  So I have to choose one and pick and choose what skills I want from within its lists.

Those of you who play ESO, suggestions?  I have played Nightblade a LOT so I really do not want to do another sneaky dual bladed master (or mistress) of the night.

Comment below and I will make the character in the next day or two.

hammer it like it was a nail.


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2 Responses to Elder Scrolls

  1. Nosy Gamer says:

    I know you can’t play a templar, because that class has to use magic. But unlike you altaholics, I tend to stick to one main character unless I’m making crafting alts. Which I didn’t do in ESO because I could learn all the things.

    • mikeazariah says:

      OK, so so far, not Nightblade and not Templar.

      Is calling the character concept MC Hammer a bit over the top?
      ‘can’t touch this’

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