Free spent the transport time checking her weapons.  The tech swept all of the electronic devices, twice.  His feed was now set to Gallente preference but they both knew that he would probably be on the move.

“Do we chase him or wait on the path for him to come to us?”  The tech asked, throwing up the normal Bus route.

“There is a third choice.”  Free said.  “We call him and ask for a pickup.”

“Gonna do that?”  Tech said, testing each listening device in his kit, individually and scuffing a few that were too shiny.

“Path.  Put us ahead of him, for now.  Gives us time to make sure things are just so.”


Scotty eyed the small group in front of him and wished he was better at public speaking.  “So there it is.  Someone or something is making changes to his ships.  I want to know who, what, when, everything.  You go over every item that comes in or out and I want all his hanger queens double checked.  Take your time, do it right.  If anyone asks?  You are doing standard maintenance.”


Mike sighed and looked at the local inventory.  “I needs to restock here somethin awful.”  He tapped a note to himself for the next time he was in the local trade hub.  He then returned to reviewing fits and trying to decide which ones needed updating or revisions.



For those of you who do not know?  I am retired.  So that means a lot of the day, when not gaming, is spent on maintenance of house and home.  Grass to mow, weeding of the garden.

If you do not keep up maintenance then things tend to get away from you.  Become tasks almost too big to tackle (How long since I last did the laundry?)

Games have the same cycle, for me.  maintenance of dailies?  keeping up with the latest news?  latest big thing or announcement?

Hell, even this blog is, now and again, maintenance.

I am halfway through the Blogaust challenge and I have not missed a day yet.  I don’t know about you but 15 days in a row?  That is some serious consistency for one such as I.

now for another 16 . . .

fly it like you won it


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