Mike chuckled as he followed the morning comms.  The news was about changes coming to nullsec and cynosaural fields in particular.  “Don’t change much for me except I is gonna have to bring a proper ship to commemorate John next time around.  But to hear the reactions on both sides of the issue was . . . interesting.  Half the pilots were threatening to quit forever and the other half were overjoyed.  He thought about his old lessons in statistics and grinned.

Why it’s probably biased: People who take the time to respond tend to have similarly strong opinions compared to the rest of the population.

“Yeah, the folks chiming in do seem to have ‘strong opinions’ I’d say.”

He flipped past that to an announcement about Ventures but then seeing that it was in reference to faction warfare he shrugged and moved on.  “Makes sense, hell if they really really wanted to piss the pilots off they would band the complex flipping from any ship mounting or carrying a warp core stab at all.  Iffen you are in there?  You better be in there to fight.”  Nodding to himself in a self satisfied way he closed the comms for the day and stretched.  The plans for  Gallente delivery run were later in the day so he had the rest of the morning free with no specific plans.

He knew better than to even think that sort of thing.  It was like saying ‘the worst is behind us now’.



While teaching I did do a lesson on self selected samples and the implicit bias in it and yes the forums are a great example of that lesson in action.

I tossed the line about Warp core stabs in just for Rixx.

I know that CCP has tools to measure player reaction to announcements and it is NOT just reading the forums or reddit.  The question is how reliable the tools actually are.

how would YOU measure true customer satisfaction in an mmo?

fly it like you won it



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4 Responses to Cynos

  1. rixxjavix says:

    I’m not taking the bait. Nope. Not gonna take it.

    This is not easy.

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  3. Yes, I recall Hilmar declaring that the loud complaints about Incarna could be ignored because CCP had the numbers behind the scenes that told the real story.

    And now you seem to be saying if one gives feedback on changes one is merely exposing ones bias or self interest.

    So what does that leave us?

    • mikeazariah says:

      It does not mean we should not voice our opinions, just remember that the opinions expressed may not be those of the majority. You know, those silent folks.


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