The Opposition

“Sometimes it feels like the universe be conspiring against you.”  Mike slumped into the seat, exhausted.  “I spend the entire morning working on the cargo handling systems because they have been jamming a bit, lately.  Turns out they are fine and it was the change to standardised cargo sizes, or the addition of a new size . . .either way.  I was fixing the wrong damn thing.”

Scotty looked up, fighting to keep his face from showing concern.  “Not everything is an attack but never rule it out.”

“Oh I know, but some folks I talk to take every damn thing as a personal assault or some such foolishness.  I tend to assign malevolence to an uncaring and cold Universe, instead.”  Mike leaned back and stretched out.  “I don’t get mad about it, mind you, just adjust, fix, and move on.”  He smiled and nodded thanks as the coffee was delivered.

“I don’t know, sometimes people ARE out to get you and it is not just an ineffable universe.  Thing is, how do you tell the difference?”  Scotty was honestly wondering how Mike would answer this one.

“Ineffable?  Somebody been hitting the word a day calendar again?  I don’t try looking for enemies, I am sure I might have made a few, over the years but I refuse to carry them around with me.  They did not pay to ride in my head.  I try to be prepared, seldom fly what they calls a PvE ship anymore.  If someone were to open fire on little old me I would not assume them an enemy as much as opportunistic.  If they think they can get an easy kill?  They is not an enemy, just a target.”  He stretched back and grinned.  “They get handled the same, either way.”

Scotty shook his head.



This is inspired by a post by Rixx which in turn was inspired by a post from INN.  The question partially was . . . is CCP out to get us?  are we the enemy?

Or is CCP giving us both in game and meta struggles to continue to fight?

I wish I still had a D&D group to play with, shows like critical role make me long for the good old days.  But what was the DM?  Storyteller?  Opponent? Enabler?

How about all of the above?  I seriously doubt ccp is out to get me or you (assuming that you play eve) but I do thing they are, at times, adversarial.  Balance issues and ‘playstyle ending’ aside.  Each of those could and may be a blog post in themselves, someday.  Until then?  They are not the enemy.

fly it like you won it



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