The Path


Eve is not my first MMO.  And absolutely not my first video game.  I am old so I have been gaming for a very very long time.  I played Everquest to death back when it first came out.  Before that?  Well my first true computer game was one of the Wing Commander series (III I think).  Unless you count playing pong in bars . . . yes, that old.

As you can probably guess?  I love storytelling and lore.  I also like playing around the edges of a game, doing the odd things others find useless or silly.  Like running a charity in a dark harsh space game. I am a game tourist and a bit of an altaholic.  Always trying for the right build to accomplish the travel or explorations.

So I was not shocked but a bit saddened by the article in PCGamer that opined that the genre of mmos as a whole may be coming to an end.  One quote from the article made me answer out loud (scaring the cat)

But nowadays, do you really want to play for three months straight?

Hell yes.  and I do.  I have been a steady player of Eve Online for over a decade (If I could have gotten to speak at Eve Vegas this year I had a magic trick involving a sword)  I log into ESO almost every day for an hour or two lately.  I find new goals or they add new things and I am off to the races.  I LOVE a game that can hold me, grow with me and be part of my life.

Look at the alternative.  Things like ‘AFK Arena’ and other mobile games of the ilk.  Or those that autorun you from quest to quest and even do the combat for you.  I have tried a few and found them to be less engaging than a bad manga.  I want to play the game, not watch it being played.  I like feeling like a hero but not at the expense of any challenge to the try, succeed or fail.

Some of the article blames the games for simplification or safer play.  Less risk.  Others might blame todays players for even wanting that sort of thing.  I think what we might be seeing is evolution and yet, we have things like WoW classic.  Trying for nostalgia and harking back to simpler times.

I will continue to play the MMOs my way.  On my terms until they close and lock me out.  I am pretty sure Eve will outlive me.  I honestly hope it will.

I have no problem with games surviving, adding new chapters, upgrading and trying hard not to pull a dunderheaded move like Star Wars Galaxies did.  I wonder how much fear that example has put into the industry.

Now, I have a Bus to drive in Gallente space and some harvesting to do in Wrothgar.  I have a couple of clan mobile games to check in on and some rock path to lay in the real world.  Because we are on a path in games . . . just because some of the stones look like headstones does not mean the path is finished, just we have to put more down or make another path.

fly it like you won it




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