Mike sat in Jita and watched the comms scroll.  Garbage contracts, answer my quiz and win big!. Trap courier runs.  He made a few adjustments and it became a normal conversation.  There were some regulars in Jita who knew him and would pass the time of day which probably irritated the ‘business spammers’ no end.

Noise to signal ratio was an old term in comms and he used it to measure how much chatter to actual talk happened.  He wondered if the scammers and spammers considered his talk the noise for their signal.


Tanta closed the line and sat for a moment, considering before opening a channel of her own.  ‘We needs ta talk’.  She did not wait long until a channel was opened.

^Calling in the favor?^

“I iz.  Somebody iz making a move on my boy.  I want to know who, how and why.  I want to know yestaday.”

^The man is a capsuleer and a politician and Gallente.  There is always someone making a move on him.^

“I have lived a long time and I knows how to separate wheat from chaff.  Now you gonna honour your debt?”

^Who, how, and why.  We will be in touch Madam.^

“Yestaday, and I want her to go visit him.  I trusts her instincts.”

^Yes, Madam.  Shall we have her call you first?^

“Always nice ta hear from family.  Please do.”  Tanta closed the comm and sat, sipping a cup of tea.  Waiting, the very model of patience.  Ruis came in, later, took one look at her face and left without saying a word.

He was later asked why, when found prepping weapons and checking house security protocols for the third time.  “Sometimes a message is best sent if there is no noise at all to confuse the issue.  Tanta knows how to say a lot without sayin anyting.”



Block is a useful feature in Eve that I don’t seem to use much in other games.  I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Then I realise that I talk all the time in Eve and very seldom in any other game I play (Except minecraft, I play that with my wife but we just talk over our shoulder to each other)

How much chatter do you engage in in whatever games you play?

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Signal/Noise

  1. Chestnut says:

    I honestly don’t really engage in much chatter outside of guild chats, and even then I can be exceptionally quiet.

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