On Hold

Mike sighed.  “You still haven’t told me why this is needed.”

“An issue with the cloning facility has necessitated that we try to verify clone signatures as soon as possible.  You were in the region so we contacted you.”

“I get that but if it is a clone issue then it should be a simple sample and scan, if it is a mind issue then a recording takes a second or less.  Damn thing works that fast when i am being blown up.  So why am I still here, waiting?”

“We have a procedure and series of steps that I have to go through.”  The tech seemed to be slightly nervous but then dealing with people who regularly went out and killed entire ships worth of enemies would not be the most calming job slot.  “It should not be too much longer . . . ”

Bland music played in the background, not bad enough to make you angry but nice enough to want to listen to.  Mike tried to achieve his Miners mind, attentive but not caring about the passage of time.  It was a skill he had not used in a long time and he was out of practice.

“Well,” she said after an indeterminate time later “I think we can let you go, for now but I am not sure the update was completely successful so you may want to check in in a week or two.  We will be in touch.”

Mike sighed and left, catching up with Scotty at the cafe.  “Man I hate waiting even when it is something that needs to be done.”

“What were you waiting for?”

“Oh that clone update thing, took a while to get everything updated.”

Scotty paused and then nodded.  Later, after Mike had left he opened a channel.  “Someone is running an op on him.  Don’t know who, what, or why, yet.”  He listened and nodded and closed the channel.



Yeah I wrote this while on hold with my local tv/phone provider,  end result was what I expected but it took a loooong time to get there, they will drop by and replace things on Sunday.  If you don’t hear from me after that?  Blame Telus

Miners mind?  There are a few games where I seem to get into the zen mode, fishing in minecraft or ESO, camping that damn earring in everquest, way back in the day, you develop a patient attentiveness with very little going on.

probably you have done something similar or do you avoid games that move slowly?

fly it like you won it.



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