Mutiny about Bounty

“What I am saying is that they need to fix the Bounty system.  I asked a question about it in the Rookie Channel and now look at me.”  Fen gestured at the comm image showing a Wanted logo that was very familiar to Mike.

“Yup, some of the vets tend to do that as a welcome.  Waste of isk if you ask me.”

“Yes I’m new yes i know how it works but it just seems like a way to troll and seal club new players by putting a price on our heads.”  She proclaimed.

Mike spent a few moments finding that Fen thought the Bounty system would work better if . . . and then he would explain that that was close to what it used to be and how it was exploited.  He ended with “ignore bounties for now . . . they mean little. people will shoot you but because they can, not because there is a price on your head.” but he could see that Fen was not happy and dead set against this.

“If it does not work then they should turn off adding to people but allow collecting and then when all are zeroed out or there are only like 1K left remove it.”

Mike nodded.  “As far as retiring a function that is actually a decent plan.  But a lot of folks still dream of some day being a dangerous and bad-ass bounty hunter.  They are disappointed when they find that it does not work well in the game but nobody has yet to come up with something that the imaginative types cannot abuse or use to abuse some others.  I mean my putting 100k on your head suddenly giving me permission to fire upon you without Concord showing up?  That would be heaven for some pilots and hell for the rest.  A pool you could buy into and get a random bounty assigned to you?  Might be for someone who never flies anymore.  It IS what it is and yeah, it does scare a few new pilots.  Thing is?”

Mike paused an hoped THIS message would get through.  “It is not whether the bounty matters or not.  It is not that they put one on you or not.  It is what happens next.  If you react and they get a rise out of you . . . tears.  They win.  That is what they are after.  It is worth the isk for them to manage to get a rise out of you . . . for them to have an effect.  Deny them that and YOU come out on top of the exchange.  They lost isk and you did not lose anything because bounties mean nothing.  Deny them what they want.”

He looked and waited to see if the message had sunk in only to realise that Fen had, at some point, closed the comm channel ‘hung up’, whatever that means.

Mike sighed and returned to helping others in the Rookie Chat.



I would love to see a bounty system that works because I think the concept of bounty hunters would be cool.  But my idea would be . . . shall we say . . . hard on some players.

Bounties are set (in the real world) by courts.  If a private person puts out a bounbty it is called a hit and very illegal.

What if factions found certain players to be enemies of their state?  Amarr really really does not like you?  They put your name out, just as if you were Gurista or Serpentis.  Killed in other empire space?  concord shows up.  Killed in Amarr space?  dandy fine.  Concord gets pissed at you?  Well all Empire space is dangerous, as it already is.  see this ios already slightly in place in the game.

On the flip side?  If you are less than 30 days old I think bounties should not be applicable to your character.  Fen wound up biomassing to erase the bounty.  Just as easily could have walked away from the game.

Ya have isk burning a hole in your pocket?  Bounty me or donate to Operation Magic School Bus.  Either will make me smile.

fly it like you won it



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